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Social Security disability hearing wait times

How long you have to wait to get your Social Security disability hearing is one of the most common questions I receive in my Colorado disability law office. Each disability representative has his or her own experience with the wait times. … Continue reading

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Can I get Social Security disability without losing income?

I was recently asked the following question: I need my job to survive. I can’t quit. I have some vacation days and sick time, but it is not enough to go without pay until they tell me I qualified. How do … Continue reading

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Don’t go to your Social Security disability hearing with out-of-date medical records!

It surprises my clients to learn that, most of the time, Social Security does not update medical records after the initial denial. With wait times of a year or more, this can mean that by the time your case gets … Continue reading

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Furloughs (further) delay Social Security disability decisions

We all know Social Security cases take too long. Well, get ready for more delays!  In spite of increasing number of new claims for disability, Governors around the nation are requiring disability examiners (the very people who make the decisions … Continue reading

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Long Social Security hearing delays? “Blame the judges!”

The long wait times in Social Security cases are prompting a backlash against Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) in Social Security cases.   Across the country, it takes an average of 480 days to get a judge’s ruling on a Social … Continue reading

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Social Security backlog & funding update

New figures are out about the Social Security backlog (September 2008 issue of the Social Security Forum): The number of cases waiting for a decision at Social Security reached a record high of 767,000.  The average wait time is 532 … Continue reading

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Letters to the Next President

I recently came across this letter on the Letters to the Next President site: I would like to know about changes in social security-specifically disability. … I worked as an LPN for over 30 years. I started having back, neck and arthritic probelems, … Continue reading

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How long does It take to get a Social Security hearing?

In my experience with Colorado Social Security cases, hearings are usually scheduled approximately 12-14 months after the appeal is filed.   That is the most common time frame that I see for having a hearing scheduled. However,  I occasionally see cases … Continue reading

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CBS Reports: 2/3rds of Claims are Denied, Appeals Taking Over 2 Years

CBS reports on denials and long waiting periods in Social Security Disability cases. Disability Pay Rejections A two-month CBS News investigation has revealed that many individuals who are disabled are either being rejected or waiting years for a decision on … Continue reading

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