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can a desk job be light work

Can sit down jobs be LIGHT work?

Social Security separates jobs into groups based on physical requirements: sedentary, light, medium, and heavy. For many individuals, the outcome of a case depends on the number of sedentary jobs available. This is often an issue in back injury cases where Light … Continue reading

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vocational expert at social security hearing

Is a Social Security disability hearing without a Vocational Expert a bad sign?

I was recently asked what it meant that the Administrative Law Judge did not have a Vocational Expert (VE) testify at an individual’s Social Security hearing. What happens when the administrative law judge does not call the vocational expert to … Continue reading

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Justice and Healthcare

Medical Experts at Social Security disability hearings

Sometimes when a Social Security disability case goes to hearing, the Administrative Law Judge has a brand new doctor testify (usually by telephone). This is not one of your doctors, or (usually) even one of the doctors Social Security has … Continue reading

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Social Security says I make too much for disability, what can I do?

I earn too much for Social Security disability benefits, what can I do?

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits you have to show that your disability prevents you from being able to work. In Social Security’s words, you have to show that you are unable to engage in a substantial gainful activity (SGA). SGA translates … Continue reading

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How Social Security decides cases

How Social Security reviews cases: the 5 step sequential evaluation process

I have written about how Social Security defines disability, work, and a substantial gainful activity. But, how does Social Security really evaluate a case? Social Security reviews cases using the five-step sequential evaluation process to decide is a person is … Continue reading

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Social Security disability for anemia or other blood disorders

I was recently asked to write about how Social Security views disability claims based on anemia and other blood disorders.   First, I will address how Social Security generally handles disability claims.  If that puts you to sleep, just skip … Continue reading

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