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RFC limitation forms for Social Security disability cases

Getting a Residual Functional Capacity is the single most important step in a Social Security disability case. These RFCs go by a lot of different names: Medical Source Statement, Medical Opinion, Narrative. However, Residual Functional Capacity simply means what you … Continue reading

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Winning Social Security disability benefits after age 50

If you are 50 years old or older, Social Security makes it easier to prove your disability case. Individuals between 18 and 49 meet a tougher standard discussed in this article. Starting at age 50, and then again at age 55 … Continue reading

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Social Security disability just got a bit easier – SDM forms not evidence in appeals

Social Security frequently has single decision makers (SDMs) complete forms describing what an individual can and cannot do in the workplace. These are very important case since the ultimate issue in a Social Security disability is whether an individual can still perform some … Continue reading

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Do you need an FCE in a Social Security case?

I was recently asked if you need a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) in a Social Security disability case. No, but it really helps if you can get one. As I previously wrote, it is vital to get a statement from your … Continue reading

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Social Security hearing tip: Watch out for these questions!

The Social Security Disability Blog got me thinking about some of the questions I have heard Judges ask at hearings. It is fairly common to be asked the following questions during a Social Security hearing: How long can you sit? … Continue reading

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