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maximum attorney fees

Maximum attorney fees in Social Security disability cases

What is the most a lawyer can charge in a Social Security case? We have talked about the typical fee agreement when you are applying for Social Security disability benefits before. But I am often asked what is maximum someone … Continue reading

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What is a fee petition in a Social Security disability benefits case?

What is a fee petition?

A “fee petition” is a way your lawyer asks Social Security for fees for his services. I though attorneys were paid a percentage of what I get? Percentage-based contingency fee agreements are the most common way attorneys get paid in … Continue reading

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I need help on my Social Security disability case, but I don’t want to be ripped off!

One of the hardest parts about getting help on a Social Security case is finding the right person to work with. What if i hire a lawyer and they don’t do anything? What if I am not happy with the … Continue reading

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Hiring a lawyer doesn't have to break the bank

How much can a lawyer charge for fees on a Social Security case?

Social Security fee agreements take one of two forms: Contingency based: If you win, the attorney gets 25% of your back benefits up to a $5,300 $6,000 cap. The “25% or $6,000”  fee agreement is a standard fee agreement that Social … Continue reading

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Get help with your Social Security overpayment

Overpayments: finding an attorney to help you

I have tried to give you as much information as I can about Social Security overpayment / repayment cases, because the chances of finding an attorney to work with you are not very good. Many Social Security attorneys get paid out … Continue reading

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