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social security medical examiner speaks out

Social Security consultative examiner speaks out

Ever wonder what Social Security consultative examiners – the doctors who meet with disability applications to decide if they are disabled – think of the Social Security disability process? Writing in Guernica, Dr. Heather Kovich discusses  her experiences as a (former) … Continue reading

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Social Security denied me disability benefits using a doctor of WHAT?

Social Security has physicians review disability cases as medical consultant’s to make opinions on individual’s abilities and limitations. However, what good is the medical consultant’s opinion if they don’t have expertise in with the disability in question. Per Nate Craig: … Continue reading

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medical records

Reviewing your Social Security exhibit file – Part 1: Medical Records

How do you begin to review your Social Security exhibit file? Here is a quick guide to finding the really important parts. Start with the “F” section to review the medical records. If you do not review anything else in … Continue reading

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How long after Social Security consultative examination to get decision

How long after a consultative examination does it take to get a decision?

I was recently asked how long after Social Security sends you to a doctor for a consultative examination will it take to get a decision. I previously wrote about how long it takes to receive an initial decision after you apply for … Continue reading

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Social Security consultative examination

How to reschedule a Social Security disability exam

Here are some common questions I hear when Social Security schedules an evaluation or examination with one of their doctors: Do I have to attend the consultative examination? Since you are applying for Social Security benefits, you have a duty … Continue reading

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Social Security disability exam secrets

Secrets of the Social Security Consultative Examination

Has Social Security sent you to a doctor for an examination? Here are some things you should know when going to a consultative examination. The examination begins earlier than you think: You are observed from the moment you enter the office. The … Continue reading

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Social Security disability doctor wont believe you

Winning Social Security disability with unhelpful doctor

When you are trying to win your Social Security disability benefits, your doctor’s opinion of your disability is critical evidence. If your doctor does not believe in you, you and your lawyer are facing an uphill battle in your disability … Continue reading

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