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When should I apply for Social Security disability benefits?

Are you struggling with working because of physical or psychological impairments?  Have you stopped working because you just could no longer do the job? You may be going back and forth on whether to apply for Social Security: Maybe I … Continue reading

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I need help on my Social Security disability case, but I don’t want to be ripped off!

One of the hardest parts about getting help on a Social Security case is finding the right person to work with. What if i hire a lawyer and they don’t do anything? What if I am not happy with the … Continue reading

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Social Security hearing tip: don’t be browbeaten by the judge

You are finally at your hearing.  The judge, wearing black robes, turns to you and asks: “You last worked in 2003, right?” It’s the “Dirty Harry” moment! You try to remember. Was it 2003?  Maybe it was 2004?  Or 2005? … Continue reading

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How much can a lawyer charge for fees on a Social Security case?

Social Security fee agreements take one of two forms: Contingency based: If you win, the attorney gets 25% of your back benefits up to a $5,300 $6,000 cap. The “25% or $6,000″  fee agreement is a standard fee agreement that Social … Continue reading

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Overpayments: finding an attorney to help you

I have tried to give you as much information as I can about Social Security overpayment / repayment cases, because the chances of finding an attorney to work with you are not very good. Many Social Security attorneys get paid out … Continue reading

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Good and bad questions when choosing a Social Security disability lawyer

What is the number one question people ask when looking to hire a lawyer? How many cases do you win? But, this will only give you a meaningless answer. Here’s why:

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Questions to ask an Social Security disability attorney

Here is one question you should always ask when you are looking for a lawyer to help you with a Social Security claim: What percentage of your practice is Social Security cases? Generally, you do not want someone who spends … Continue reading

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Can you afford a Social Security disability lawyer?

Nate Craig of Truth of the Matter Asserted has a great article on how easy Social Security makes it for you to hire and pay for an attorney: Social Security cases are paid on a contingency basis, which means that … Continue reading

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Could you pick your Social Security attorney out of a line up?

Are you represented by an attorney on your Social Security case? You are? Terrific! You obviously know that your chances of winning your case increase significantly if you have a lawyer helping you. Now, close your eyes – ok, wait … Continue reading

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What does Social Security really think about your case?

Wouldn’t you like to know what Social Security really thinks about your claim? The best way to find out is to review your Social Security exhibit file. Everything Social Security has on your claim for disability benefits is contained in … Continue reading

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DisabilityAppeal.com agrees: get a specialist!

I have been a strong advocate for getting a specialist whenever you hire a lawyer. If you are in a lawsuit, which side would you rather be on? A) The side with a lawyer who does a bit of everything, … Continue reading

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