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DT4 Fired by your Social Security disability lawyer?

This week’s episode of Disability Tips covers what to do if you are fired by your disability lawyer. There are a number of Social Security disability lawyers and law firms out there that are happy to take a case. However, when … Continue reading

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Social Security Disability Stories for 12.14.12

Here are the top Social Security disability stories and posts for December 14, 2012: Social Security Announces New Compassionate Allowances Conditions Fast Track Disability Process Will Now Include 200 Conditions An Anecdote About Social Security Disability Insurance – Ricochet.com Elder Law … Continue reading

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Maximum attorney fees in Social Security disability cases

What is the most a lawyer can charge in a Social Security case? We have talked about the typical fee agreement when you are applying for Social Security disability benefits before. But I am often asked what is maximum someone … Continue reading

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What is a fee petition?

A “fee petition” is a way your lawyer asks Social Security for fees for his services. I though attorneys were paid a percentage of what I get? Percentage-based contingency fee agreements are the most common way attorneys get paid in … Continue reading

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Lawyers’ secret gold-mine

Meet the most expensive “associate” in most law firms.  More expensive than a regular lawyer.  More expensive than the named partner.  It’s … the photocopier. I was recently reviewing the charges for a one of my clients who was previously … Continue reading

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How to postpone a Social Security hearing?

Even though it often takes a year or even two years to get your Social Security hearing, you may find that you are not ready when the big day finally comes. Is there any way to continue, postpone, or delay … Continue reading

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Making your Social Security claim stand out!

Gordon Gates writes about how he tries to make each case different and memorable when preparing to go to hearing. I am always concerned that a particular claim will not get the attention it deserves at the hearing level, due … Continue reading

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When should I hire a lawyer?

Here is a frequent question: When should I hire an attorney to help me on Social Security disability benefits case? Imagine you are skydiving for the first time.  Would you wait until you are in the plane going up for your … Continue reading

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Why can’t I find a lawyer to appeal a hearing denial?

Did you represent yourself at your Social Security disability hearing? If you were denied, you may find it is difficult to find a lawyer to represent you. Sadly, this is a common problem.  It is much harder to hire an attorney … Continue reading

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Social Security won’t talk to me BECAUSE I have a lawyer!?!

Once you hire an attorney to represent you on your Social Security case, you may find that Social Security does not want to release any more information to you.  This is especially true at the Social Security ODAR (Office of … Continue reading

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If I have a lawyer, why am I doing all the talking?

The one thing people are most surprised about when they go to a hearing is that the lawyer does not do all of the talking. In fact, it is the claimant (aka “you”) who has to answer the Judge’s questions. I … Continue reading

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Need a Social Security lawyer? Don’t wait until the last minute!

Pop Quiz: Do you save money by waiting to hire a lawyer/attorney until your hearing is scheduled? Answer:  No. In a normal Social Security contingency fee agreement, you pay the same amount whether you hire an attorney a year before the … Continue reading

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Social Security help: small town lawyers vs national law firms

There are times when dealing with a large company is great: buying a car, for example. You do not want to be working with “Joe’s Car Hut.” But any legal matter, especially a Social Security disability claim, needs a personal … Continue reading

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Should you fire your Social Security lawyer?

Social Security lawyer Jonathan Ginsgerg has a great article about when NOT to fire your attorney and some of the unexpected consequences of kicking your lawyer to the curb! A good point Jonathan brings up is that you may have a … Continue reading

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Denied at hearing? Here’s how to appeal the Judge’s decision to Social Security Appeals Council

If you are denied at your Social Security hearing by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), you have the right to appeal the judge’s decision to the Social Security Appeals Council.   To do this, you need to file form HA-520-U5 … Continue reading

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