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DT4 Fired by your Social Security disability lawyer?

This week’s episode of Disability Tips covers what to do if you are fired by your disability lawyer. There are a number of Social Security disability lawyers and law firms out there that are happy to take a case. However, when … Continue reading

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practices tips for social security disability representatives

Best Practices for Social Security Disability Representatives

Social Security has a great overview site for new Social Security disability representatives (both lawyers and non-lawyers) going over best practices before the Social Security Administration. Here are some good tips: Timely submit the form ssa-1696 and fee agreement. Timely … Continue reading

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maximum attorney fees

Maximum attorney fees in Social Security disability cases

What is the most a lawyer can charge in a Social Security case? We have talked about the typical fee agreement when you are applying for Social Security disability benefits before. But I am often asked what is maximum someone … Continue reading

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What is a fee petition in a Social Security disability benefits case?

What is a fee petition?

A “fee petition” is a way your lawyer asks Social Security for fees for his services. I though attorneys were paid a percentage of what I get? Percentage-based contingency fee agreements are the most common way attorneys get paid in … Continue reading

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The BIGGEST charge is most law offices

Lawyers’ secret gold-mine

Meet the most expensive “associate” in most law firms.  More expensive than a regular lawyer.  More expensive than the named partner.  It’s … the photocopier. I was recently reviewing the charges for a one of my clients who was previously … Continue reading

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The Social Security “User Fee”

I have previously written about how Social Security (usually) pays your lawyer directly if you win your Social Security disability case. But did you know that Social Security charges to do this.  The Florida Social Security Disability Blog (in my … Continue reading

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Don't wait until the last minute to get a lawyer on your disability case

Need a Social Security lawyer? Don’t wait until the last minute!

Pop Quiz: Do you save money by waiting to hire a lawyer/attorney until your hearing is scheduled? Answer:  No. In a normal Social Security contingency fee agreement, you pay the same amount whether you hire an attorney a year before the … Continue reading

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Should you fire your Social Security lawyer?

Social Security lawyer Jonathan Ginsgerg has a great article about when NOT to fire your attorney and some of the unexpected consequences of kicking your lawyer to the curb! A good point Jonathan brings up is that you may have a … Continue reading

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I need help on my Social Security disability case, but I don’t want to be ripped off!

One of the hardest parts about getting help on a Social Security case is finding the right person to work with. What if i hire a lawyer and they don’t do anything? What if I am not happy with the … Continue reading

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Hiring a lawyer doesn't have to break the bank

How much can a lawyer charge for fees on a Social Security case?

Social Security fee agreements take one of two forms: Contingency based: If you win, the attorney gets 25% of your back benefits up to a $5,300 $6,000 cap. The “25% or $6,000”  fee agreement is a standard fee agreement that Social … Continue reading

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Get help with your Social Security overpayment

Overpayments: finding an attorney to help you

I have tried to give you as much information as I can about Social Security overpayment / repayment cases, because the chances of finding an attorney to work with you are not very good. Many Social Security attorneys get paid out … Continue reading

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Can you afford a Social Security disability lawyer?

Nate Craig of Truth of the Matter Asserted has a great article on how easy Social Security makes it for you to hire and pay for an attorney: Social Security cases are paid on a contingency basis, which means that … Continue reading

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What if you couldn't find a lawyer to help you

What if no one would help you on your Social Security case?

You call one attorney looking for help on a Social Security problem. I can’t help you. You call another attorney. We aren’t taking any new Social Security cases. You make one more call. We don’t do Social Security cases anymore. … Continue reading

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