The key to Social Security children’s disability cases: functional equivalence

Most children’s Social Security disability cases are decided using Functional Equivalence. If you need some background before diving into this, check out my earlier piece on the basics of Social Security and children’s disability benefits. If you cannot clearly prove that … Continue reading

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How to view Social Security’s new encrypted disks

I previously wrote about how to read Social Security’s (previously non-encrypted) cd disks and several articles on how to find information with the Social Security  files. Since Social Security has started provided encrypted Social Security exhibit CDs, many people contacting my … Continue reading

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Is there a perfect recipe for a Social Security disability case?

I had a great back and forth discussion with one of my readers in the comments about how different evidence affects a Social Security disability case. Here is part of the comment: If you go to a mental health clinic … Continue reading

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Can non-citizens receive Social Security SSI disability benefits?

Yes. Lawful immigrants to the United States are eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. In general, beginning August 22, 1996, most noncitizens must meet two requirements to potentially be eligible for SSI: Be in a qualified alien category, and … Continue reading

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Social Security Disability Benefits for Children

  Disabled children under age 18 can receive Social Security disability benefits under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, or “Child’s SSI.” In order to qualify for children’s disability benefits, Social Security requires that the child: Is not working at … Continue reading

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Medical Experts at Social Security disability hearings

Sometimes when a Social Security disability case goes to hearing, the Administrative Law Judge has a brand new doctor testify (usually by telephone). This is not one of your doctors, or (usually) even one of the doctors Social Security has … Continue reading

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The toughest question at the Social Security hearing

You made to the hearing. The Judge has gone over your impairments, your limitations, your daily activaties. Just when you think you are done, the Judge turns to you and asks: So, what do you see for yourself in the … Continue reading

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Getting problems solved at Social Security

I was recently asked how to take care of bad information in a Social Security file which was preventing the release of back Social Security disability benefits. Of course the first issue is whether there is a deadline that may … Continue reading

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Social Security Hearings: Competitive and Non-Competitive Work

What does it mean if the Administrative Law Judge or Vocational Expert mentions “non-competitive work” during a Social Security disability hearing? “Non-competitive” refers to types of work: Competitive work is, well, just regular work; with no set-asides, no accommodations beyond … Continue reading

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Expedited Processing for Social Security Disability Benefits for for Wounded Warriors

Wounded veterans can get faster expedited processing of their Social Security disability benefit cases (Disability Insurance – DIB, and supplemental security income – SSI) under the Wounded Warrior program. Note: Social Security disability benefits may be in addition to any … Continue reading

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Criminal records, hire-ability, and Social Security disability

What if you cannot get a job because a criminal record?  If no one will hire you, does that affect how Social Security will view your disability case? I have a felony record from a stupid thing I did years … Continue reading

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Social Security disability hearings: erosion in the job base

The vocational expert at a Social Security hearing may testify that there is an, “erosion in the job base.” I have had a number of people ask me what this means? As I wrote about before, the vocational expert’s job is … Continue reading

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Social Security disability benefits in a half-way house

Even though you cannot receive Social Security benefits during incarceration, can you get disability if you are out of jail or prison and residing in a half-way house? Under the Social Security regulations, the answer is “no.” “I was transferred … Continue reading

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No increase in Social Security SSI disability benefits in 2011

Social Security announced today that there will be no increase in Social Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits for 2011. The Federal Benefit Rate (FBR) – the maximum monthly rate for SSI benefits – will stay at $674 for … Continue reading

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Social Security Disability News: Fast-Track Getting Faster

Social Security has issued a press release that the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration has published final rules to reduce how long it takes to get an initial decision on the most severe disability cases. The new rules allow … Continue reading

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