Documenting Social Anxiety for Social Security

Preface: It should be noted that medical evidence (such as treatment records and opinions) are often the best evidence of how social anxiety disorder is disabling. However, by its very nature, social anxiety disorder can make treatment difficult if not … Continue reading

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Hey, trust me!

What if a Vocation Expert at a Social Security disability hearing is full of it

A reader asked: How can a vocational expert have any say on my disabilities and limitations? I mean I dont get a VE slip to give to my boss when I’m sick. That’s true. If a Vocational Expert (VE) says that … Continue reading

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Social Security review notice

Social Security disability review for children turning 18

Many parents mistakenly believe children’s Social Security disability benefits (Children’s SSI) are forever. However, that is not the case. If your child is still on disability when he/she turns 18, you may receive a letter that says the following: Earlier we … Continue reading

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deaf blind resource expo in colorado springs

Deaf, Hard of Hearing, & Blind Resource Expo

This Friday, June 3, 2011, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and Independence Center, in partnership with the Access 2 Sign Language and Sign Language Network present the Deaf / Hard of Hearing / Deaf Blind Resource Expo. The expo will … Continue reading

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Talking about the NEWS

Social Security benefits increase coming in 2012?

  After a two years freeze in Social Security benefits, a thaw may finally be coming. The Baltimore Sun reports: The Social Security trustees’ annual report released this month estimates that the cost-of-living adjustment in next year’s checks will be … Continue reading

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Should I make a video for my Social Security disability case?

Some of my clients want to make a video for Social Security showing their disability. It’s a tempting idea. What’s could be a better way of showing how a conditions disabling, than by simply letting the judge see for himself. … Continue reading

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Social Security hearing: should I bring notes?

It is natural to be nervous when preparing for your Social Security hearing. The judge may ask when you worked certain jobs, the procedures you have undergone, which doctors treated you for your impairments or your medications. There’s a lot … Continue reading

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Social Security benefits for spouses and children

How much does Social Security pay in Auxiliary benefits

In addition to paying disability benefits for disabled individuals, Social Security also provides benefits for their minor children and also the spouse (if taking care of non-disabled children under 16 year old or a disabled child of any age). Note: these … Continue reading

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HIgh School Graduation and Social Security

My child is graduating high school, will my other children’s Social Security benefits change?

This question comes up in the comments from time to time. My children receive Social Security auxiliary benefits because my spouse is disabled. My oldest is graduating high school next month. Social Security has told me that my oldest’s benefits … Continue reading

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Social Security family maximum

Social Security Family Maximum for disability benefits

Social Security pays benefits to spouses and children of disabled parents. The requirements for spouses and children are discussed the linked article. However, as many parents discover, there is a cap on auxiliary benefits. Taken directly from Social Security: Benefits … Continue reading

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tiny foot

Children’s Social Security Disability Cases and Early Impairments

Many people ask me about whether their children will qualify for Social Security benefits based on medical conditions early in their lives: We have two adopted children that we have had since birth. One is now 14, but was born at 26 … Continue reading

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Social Security SDM knock out

Social Security disability just got a bit easier – SDM forms not evidence in appeals

Social Security frequently has single decision makers (SDMs) complete forms describing what an individual can and cannot do in the workplace. These are very important case since the ultimate issue in a Social Security disability is whether an individual can still perform some … Continue reading

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family carved out of dollars

Do Social Security auxiliary benefits reduce child support?

Several people have asked if the auxiliary Social Security benefits (benefits paid the the spouse and children) of a disabled person receiving Social Security Disability Insurance reduce child support or spousal maintenance payments. Colorado Springs family law lawyer Yolanda Fennick … Continue reading

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colorkey padlock

How will the 2011 government shutdown affect Social Security

Update 04/09/11: never mind – budget compromise reached. What will happen to Social Security if/when the government shuts down on midnight April 8, 2011? Fortunately, for those already on Social Security, the checks (including direct deposit) will keep coming. However, … Continue reading

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Birthday candles

Child SSI cases after 18th birthday

Disabled children can apply for Social Security benefits under the Title 16 children’s Supplemental Security Income (child SSI) program. Children’s cases are considered differently than adult disability claims. However, after a child turns 18, Social Security applies the adult standard … Continue reading

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