When Social Security problems arise, watch out for deadlines!

You, or your child, are on Social Security, when out of the blue, you get a letter: Your benefits will cease as of … or An overpayment was detected due to your failure to notify Social Security of your spouse’s … Continue reading

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Quick facts: how much does Social Security spend on disability?

According to Social Security, 6.9 million disabled workers received disability benefits from Social Security in 2007. Another 1.8 million individuals received benefits as dependents of disabled workers. This is compared to 31 million receiving retirement benefits. The average monthly disability … Continue reading

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I won my SSI case, now Social Security want to pay me in installments?!?

A lot of things happen after you approved for Supplemental Security Income benefits. First, Social Security needs to review your financial eligibility. Second, Social Security must reimburse the State for any interim assistance you received while waiting for your SSI decision. In … Continue reading

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Video: S.L.E. Lupus Foundation: Life Without Lupus

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What if Social Security loses your appeal?

After you were denied Social Security disability benefits, you got the appeal forms, you struggled to fill them out, but you made sure to get it all turned in before the appeal deadline. Then you wait. And wait. You should … Continue reading

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When do Social Security children’s benefits stop?

A child may be entitled to receive Social Security child’s benefits if a parent dies. These are called survivor’s benefits. However, under Social Security Regulations (20 CFR 404.352), the entitlement to child’s benefits may end for any of the following … Continue reading

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Can a child get Social Security benefits if a parent dies?

Children can be entitled to receive Social Security child’s benefits if the deceased parent was fully insured by Social Security and if they meet 5 tests: The child is the insured person’s child. See §§404.355 through 404.359; The child is … Continue reading

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My child turned 16, and my Social Security benefits were stopped

If a parent dies, the surviving spouse may be eligible for benefits if he or she is caring for a the deceased’s child and the child is under 16 years old or disabled. These are called Mother’s and Father’s benefits. … Continue reading

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Video: Living with MS

Great video showing what it is like to live with MS:

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Living With Depression

The Pink Report has an revealing article on the gradual descent into depression: Depression isn’t just feeling sad, or discouraged. It is a deeply penetrating darkness. Every fibre of my body feels hopeless. Nothing brings a smile to my face– … Continue reading

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Video: Social Anxiety Disorder

bishi4me video blogs about her daily life and how she deals with social phobia:

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What if no one would help you on your Social Security case?

You call one attorney looking for help on a Social Security problem. I can’t help you. You call another attorney. We aren’t taking any new Social Security cases. You make one more call. We don’t do Social Security cases anymore. … Continue reading

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...and down it comes again!

Social Security “aged” case numbers drop in 2007

The number of “aged” cases – cases pending for more than 900 (!) days dropped in 2007 from 63,700 to 108 during fiscal year 2007. Fortunately, I do not see too many cases in Colorado that have been waiting more … Continue reading

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Unrepresented at your Social Security hearing?

Another blog recently wrote that if you go to your hearing without an attorney, the judge will assume you have no case, won’t treat you with respect, and is more likely to deny you. Not surprisingly, they are trying to … Continue reading

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Useful Sites: Cornell Social Security Library

The Cornell Legal Information Institute Social Security Library is a great top-level clearing house for information about the Social Security system, regulations, rulings and court decisions. However, this is a professional level resource and does not ease you into the … Continue reading

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