How long does It take to get a Social Security hearing?

In my experience with Colorado Social Security cases, hearings are usually scheduled approximately 12-14 months after the appeal is filed.   That is the most common time frame that I see for having a hearing scheduled. However,  I occasionally see cases … Continue reading

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Social Security myths: you have to wait 60 days after being denied to reapply

I hear this one with some frequency. I am meeting with a client and they tell me that someone at Social Security told them that if they want to appeal, they have to wait sixty days before starting a new … Continue reading

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Video: Disability Dance

Losing limbs doesn’t keeps these kids from some serious dancing.

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What is an Social Security Informal Denial?

I am often asked: I got an informal denial. What is that? An informal denial typically means that Social Security is denying you because you may not be eligible for disability benefits. This is different from being denied because you are not … Continue reading

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Social Security disability tip: how to get your medical records for free!

If you request medical records from a doctor or hospital in Colorado, the maximum you can be charged is set by 6 C.C.R 1011-1, Chapter 2, Part In 2008, the maximum price for medical records is “not to exceed $16.50 for … Continue reading

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Video: Fibromyalgia – I’m Not Alright

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Video: Swing Dancing to Bei Meir Bist Du Schoen

A bit of swing dancing to put a smile on your face.

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What happens after the Social Security disability hearing

What happens after Social Security finds you disabled

  After waiting months (even years) to get your Social Security disability hearing, and then months more to get the decision, you finally have it!  Social Security has found you disabled. It is “Favorable” (either Fully Favorable or Partly Favorable). … Continue reading

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Video: More on Dean Kamen’s Luke Arm Prosthetic

I previously posted about Dean Kamen’s prosthetic arm. That was just a teaser.  Here is a new video showing you much more of what the arm can do.

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Don’t wait too long to apply for Social Security disability benefits!

My Colorado clients sometimes tell me that they waited years to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. When I ask them why, I get a number of reasons: I did not want to … Continue reading

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What is a Partly Favorable decision in a Social Security disability case?

Getting a Partly Favorable or Partially Favorable decision in a Social Security disability claim is confusing for a lot of people. First, lets go over what it does not mean.  Under the Social Security system, there is no partly or … Continue reading

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Video: Cervical Spine and Disc Anatomy

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How long after my Social Security hearing does it take to get a decision?

I went to my Social Security hearing. But, the Judge did not say if she was going to find me disabled or not. When do I get my decision?!? As you personally experienced, in most Social Security cases, the judge … Continue reading

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Does Social Security concsider social phobia a disability?

Can you get Social Security disability benefits for social phobia? The short answer is yes. However, knowing that a condition can be disabling does not tell you HOW to prove that social phobia is disabling in your case. As in … Continue reading

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Video: 3D animation of a rotator cuff surgery

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