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Overcoming a spinal injury

Watch this inspiring TED talk by Janine Shepherd. While training for the Olympics, Janine suffered a spinal injury after being hit by a truck. With a crushed L1 vertebrate, Janine underwent bilevel fusion. Listen to her inspiring presentation on her … Continue reading

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When to help a blind person?

Here’s a great video from Blind Film Critic Tommy Edison answering the question, when do you help a blind person in public? It all comes down to: Take a moment to observe the situation. Does the blind person need help? Offer … Continue reading

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Amputation and prosthetics: from coming to peace to a celebration of differences

 This is a great episode of The Moth podcast which showcases true stories, told live. Here is Aimee Mullins discussing overcoming her families fear that show her prosthetics would make her ostracized, to expectations that continued to haunt her even … Continue reading

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Video: No Barriers USA

I just came across this amazing organization on Twitter. No Barriers USA is doing some amazing things to help individuals overcome their disabilities. H.264 H.264  

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Roger Ebert’s new voice

I just have to post this. I know many of you will probably have already seen this, either on Oprah, or around the web. But, as a huge fan of the way technology can make a difference in disabled* individual’s … Continue reading

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Soldiers Get Virtual Reality Therapy for Burn Pain

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Vet success story – Dana Bowman

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mother and child

“What I Learned From My Son”

This article from a mother with a special needs child is especially touching.  The worry, the fear, and the hope that home schooling might help spare the child ridicule and help him develop to his full potential is palpable. Since he … Continue reading

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Big Reward

Why doesn’t the VA provide service dogs?

I have written a bit lately about service animals (such as seeing eye dogs, as well as dogs for disabled individuals with seizure disorders and children with autism). I recently came upon an article asking the question why doesn’t the … Continue reading

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Help Jude!

I recently wrote about the amazing difference a service dog can make for a child with autism. Colleen Bell contacted me about getting the word out about helping their autistic son, Jude, receive a service dog. Jude is an amazing 6-year-old … Continue reading

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Special ed student starts coffee shop

Special ed student starts coffee shop

I thought this was a great story about a Greenville, South Carolina, special education student starting a coffee shop in his school: Jarvis Rogers said he saw the need for the coffee shop and, in just two weeks, built the … Continue reading

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Video: Dan Eilsey composes music despite cerebral palsy

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How NOT to treat someone with deafness-severe hearing loss

I recently read this story from Dr. Mark Mostert about a major airline’s inability to deal appropriately with a person with severe hearing loss.  If the Fail Blog had a corporate failure section, this would be on it. …my wife, Deborah, … Continue reading

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Brain Control Interface – 60 Minutes Video

Watch this 60 Minutes story on Scott Mackler, a man with almost total paralysis, who can communicate with a computer with just his thoughts using a BCI (Brain Control Interface).  Scott Mackler was a husband, father and successful neuroscientist when he received … Continue reading

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Special needs kids may need extra help on Halloween

Having a happy Halloween may be especially difficult if you have a special needs child. K. Sayford-Wilson writes about the problems her child has. Our youngest child has sensory integration problems with developmental delays and also a speech disorder called developmental … Continue reading

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