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Social Security disability decision

Social Security disability with post hearing medical exams

I was recently asked how long it takes to get a Social Security decision when the judge sends you to a post hearing medical examination (also known as a consultative examination). In cases where there is no post-hearing consultative examination, I normally … Continue reading

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Social Security disability hearing wait times

How long you have to wait to get your Social Security disability hearing is one of the most common questions I receive in my Colorado disability law office. Each disability representative has his or her own experience with the wait times. … Continue reading

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When you get your Social Security disability benefits

Social Security Judge Told Me She Approved My Disability Case

I was recently asked the following question: The judge at my husband’s hearing said she was going to approve him. She said she would get his letter to him in the next 2 or 3 weeks, but NO letter yet. … Continue reading

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vocational expert at social security hearing

Is a Social Security disability hearing without a Vocational Expert a bad sign?

I was recently asked what it meant that the Administrative Law Judge did not have a Vocational Expert (VE) testify at an individual’s Social Security hearing. What happens when the administrative law judge does not call the vocational expert to … Continue reading

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10 Steps-2

10 Steps to Prepare for your Social Security Hearing

  My friend, Maine disability lawyer, Gordon Gates, has put together a free e-book, 10 Steps To Prepare For Your Social Security Disability Hearing. In it, you’ll learn: How Social Security reviews cases. What you can do while waiting for … Continue reading

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Hey, trust me!

What if a Vocation Expert at a Social Security disability hearing is full of it

A reader asked: How can a vocational expert have any say on my disabilities and limitations? I mean I dont get a VE slip to give to my boss when I’m sick. That’s true. If a Vocational Expert (VE) says that … Continue reading

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Social Security hearing: should I bring notes?

It is natural to be nervous when preparing for your Social Security hearing. The judge may ask when you worked certain jobs, the procedures you have undergone, which doctors treated you for your impairments or your medications. There’s a lot … Continue reading

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Social Security SDM knock out

Social Security disability just got a bit easier – SDM forms not evidence in appeals

Social Security frequently has single decision makers (SDMs) complete forms describing what an individual can and cannot do in the workplace. These are very important case since the ultimate issue in a Social Security disability is whether an individual can still perform some … Continue reading

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Social Security encrypted cd dialog

How to view Social Security’s new encrypted disks

I previously wrote about how to read Social Security’s (previously non-encrypted) cd disks and several articles on how to find information with the Social Security  files. Since Social Security has started provided encrypted Social Security exhibit CDs, many people contacting my … Continue reading

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scissors, paper, rock

Is there a perfect recipe for a Social Security disability case?

I had a great back and forth discussion with one of my readers in the comments about how different evidence affects a Social Security disability case. Here is part of the comment: If you go to a mental health clinic … Continue reading

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Justice and Healthcare

Medical Experts at Social Security disability hearings

Sometimes when a Social Security disability case goes to hearing, the Administrative Law Judge has a brand new doctor testify (usually by telephone). This is not one of your doctors, or (usually) even one of the doctors Social Security has … Continue reading

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Angry kitty

The toughest question at the Social Security hearing

You made to the hearing. The Judge has gone over your impairments, your limitations, your daily activaties. Just when you think you are done, the Judge turns to you and asks: So, what do you see for yourself in the … Continue reading

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annoying person calling

Social Security Hearings: Competitive and Non-Competitive Work

What does it mean if the Administrative Law Judge or Vocational Expert mentions “non-competitive work” during a Social Security disability hearing? “Non-competitive” refers to types of work: Competitive work is, well, just regular work; with no set-asides, no accommodations beyond … Continue reading

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Social Security disability hearings: erosion in the job base

The vocational expert at a Social Security hearing may testify that there is an, “erosion in the job base.” I have had a number of people ask me what this means? As I wrote about before, the vocational expert’s job is … Continue reading

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Is a long wait for a Social Security decision a sign that the case will be denied?

Is a long wait after the Social Security hearing a bad sign?

While many Social Security disability hearings in Colorado have decisions issued in 45 to 90 days, some cases wait for four, five, even six months without a decision. I was recently asked if a long wait after a hearing is … Continue reading

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