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Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder

This is the best video I have ever seen on Social Anxiety Disorder. If you have friends or family members who have trouble understanding what is feels like to be under the spotlight, and unable to be around people, ask … Continue reading

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Documenting Social Anxiety for Social Security

Preface: It should be noted that medical evidence (such as treatment records and opinions) are often the best evidence of how social anxiety disorder is disabling. However, by its very nature, social anxiety disorder can make treatment difficult if not … Continue reading

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Game or therapy?

Check out this demo for a Xbox Project Natal game called “Milo & Kate.” Can you imagine the therapeutic value of this? From phobia therapies like the one below, to helping people with social phobias, to even more complex therapies … Continue reading

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What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

University of California “Health Matters” program on Social Anxiety Disorder. This is a terrific video providing an in depth discussion of social anxiety and social phobia, its causes and treatment.

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Does Social Security concsider social phobia a disability?

Can you get Social Security disability benefits for social phobia? The short answer is yes. However, knowing that a condition can be disabling does not tell you HOW to prove that social phobia is disabling in your case. As in … Continue reading

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Living with Social Phobia

Touching video about what it is like to live with social anxiety / social phobia.

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Video: Social Anxiety Disorder

bishi4me video blogs about her daily life and how she deals with social phobia:

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