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Seven facts about complex partial seizures

Today’s guest article is contributed by Meredith Walker, who writes about the masters in public health. She welcomes your feedback at “MeredithWalker1983 at” Enjoy the article and please make her feel welcome! Complex partial seizures are epileptic seizures that affect … Continue reading

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Comforting a child

Childhood epilepsy and Social Security disability benefits

How does Social Security look at children’s disability cases based on epilepsy or other seizure disorders? Social Security first considers the Listing of Impairments. The Listings are a set of descriptions of medical conditions which can be disabling. The Listings … Continue reading

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Social Security judge

Questions the Judge may ask in epilepsy or seizure case

Disability cases based on seizure disorders are a very special kind of disability case. If your case goes in front of an Administrative Law Judge, you can expect to be asked these questions: How often do you have seizures? What … Continue reading

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How to help someone during a seizure?

If you have a family member, or a friend, with epilepsy or another seizure disorder, it can be scary and you may not know what to do when a seizure happens. Scott Mehle, executive director of Tallahassee’s Epilepsy Association of the … Continue reading

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