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How expensive are powerchairs?

Do powerchairs cost as much as cars?

Mark E. Smith’s great blog, has a great article about powerchairs — a topic which combines two issues I am passionate about: disabilities and technology. I have seen some amazing powerchairs, from a super speedy model with an Herman … Continue reading

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Bionic hand commercially available

While it does not seem as useful as Dean Kamen’s Luke arm, this prosthetic arm is commercially available today.

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Soldiers Get Virtual Reality Therapy for Burn Pain

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iBot discontinued but motorized wheelchair technology marches on

I was surprised to read in Popular Science that Dean Kamen’s iBot (an electric, motorized wheelchair which goes from four wheels to two wheels lifting the rider in the process, and can climb stairs,) has been discontinued due to costs. … Continue reading

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VA begins testing on Dean Kamen’s prosthetic Luke arm

Alright! Dean Kamen’s prosthetic “Luke” arm is one step closer to helping amputess, especially injured veterans: Last week, VA announced the start of a three-year clinical trial that represents the first large-scale testing of the arm, a critical step before … Continue reading

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Twittering with your mind

We previously talked about brain control interfaces. Here is a new device that lets you twitter with your thoughts. A new device developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison allows users to tell a computer what to do simply … Continue reading

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Brain Control Interface – 60 Minutes Video

Watch this 60 Minutes story on Scott Mackler, a man with almost total paralysis, who can communicate with a computer with just his thoughts using a BCI (Brain Control Interface).  Scott Mackler was a husband, father and successful neuroscientist when he received … Continue reading

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Video: Artificial/Prosthetic “Bluetooth” Legs

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Video: Dean Kamen’s IBOT “Wheelchair” Power Chair

The IBOT is Dean Kamen’s on-road, off road, all terrain, stair climbing, power chair (“wheelchair”) which can also go into two wheel mode to raise the rider into a higher, more eye-level position. It isn’t exactly new, but it is … Continue reading

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Video: More on Dean Kamen’s Luke Arm Prosthetic

I previously posted about Dean Kamen’s prosthetic arm. That was just a teaser.  Here is a new video showing you much more of what the arm can do.

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Video: Dean Kamen – prosthetic arm prototype

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