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Parent misusing child’s Social Security benefits?

The responsibilities of a Social Security payee have come up a lot in the comments recently: I don’t live with my parents for 3 years but they get my disability check. They don’t give me any or pay any to the … Continue reading

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Is a 504 plan or IEP enough to win Social Security children’s benefits

My Colorado law office handled a number of Social Security disability benefits for children. Often parents have a 504 plan or an IEP (Individualized Education Program) from the school. Parents often ask me if this is enough to have their … Continue reading

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Children’s Social Security Disability Cases and Early Impairments

Many people ask me about whether their children will qualify for Social Security benefits based on medical conditions early in their lives: We have two adopted children that we have had since birth. One is now 14, but was born at 26 … Continue reading

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Child SSI cases after 18th birthday

Disabled children can apply for Social Security benefits under the Title 16 children’s Supplemental Security Income (child SSI) program. Children’s cases are considered differently than adult disability claims. However, after a child turns 18, Social Security applies the adult standard … Continue reading

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Social Security Disability Benefits for Children

  Disabled children under age 18 can receive Social Security disability benefits under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, or “Child’s SSI.” In order to qualify for children’s disability benefits, Social Security requires that the child: Is not working at … Continue reading

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Can a 18 year old full time student still get Social Security child’s benefits?

I was recently asked if Social Security child’s benefits continue for a full-time student who is 18 or over. Here is the answer in a directly from Social Security: No. At one time, SSA did pay benefits to eligible college students, … Continue reading

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When does Social Security review cases for premature babies?

  Social Security may approve Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits to children with a low birth weight (regardless or whether the child is premature). According to the Social Security regulations, these cases are often reviewed by the child’s first birthday. … Continue reading

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How parent’s income effects children’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits

If you have a child or grandchild with a disability, you may be thinking about applying for Social Security disability benefits for the child. The most common type of children’s disability benefits is Supplemental Security Income (SSI). However, proving disability … Continue reading

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Will it hurt my child if I apply for children’s SSI Social Security disability benefits

I was asked to address some of the issues parents should consider when deciding whether to start an application for Social Security disability benefits (typically children’s Supplemental Security Income – SSI – benefits) for their disabled child. Many parents worry … Continue reading

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What you should know before you apply for children’s SSI disability benefits

Social Security has a fact sheet answering common questions about Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for disabled children: How does Social Security decide if a child is disabled? How can I get ready for the disability interview? How does Social Security … Continue reading

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Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits vs SSI Supplemental Security Income

Social Security has two different benefit programs for individuals who are disabled. Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB, also known as SSDI, or Title 2 benefits); and Supplemental Security Income (SSI or Title 16 benefits). Because of its name, it is a common … Continue reading

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Social Security children’s SSI tip: keep those school write-ups!

One of the best tips I can give about building a child’s Social Security (Supplemental Security Income) case is to hold on to any disciplinary report, office notes, write ups, teachers notes, detention or suspension notices, etc. This includes notes … Continue reading

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Can a child get Social Security benefits if a parent dies?

Children can be entitled to receive Social Security child’s benefits if the deceased parent was fully insured by Social Security and if they meet 5 tests: The child is the insured person’s child. See §§404.355 through 404.359; The child is … Continue reading

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Surviving a Social Security Audit for Children’s SSI Benefits

California Blogging has a story about surviving a four year Social Security Audit(!) During the audit they inspect every account, every dime I make and spend.   I am allowed some money from some sources. Services from other government or social … Continue reading

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