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Can you get both Social Security disability and retirement benefits?

Can you add Social Security disability benefits to your Social Security retirement benefits? What about if you are already disabled and are approaching retirement age. Will you still receive Social Security disability benefits? Unfortunately, the answer from Social Security is, no. Once you reach … Continue reading

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Social Security disabled adult child benefits

Many aging parents take care of their disabled children well into adulthood. These children often have little or no earnings which means they may not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (Title 2 benefits) on their own earnings. When they … Continue reading

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Bridging the Social Security Medicare health insurance waiting period

If you have been approved for Social Security disability (Title 2 – Social Security Disability Insurance), you already know Social Security Medicare health insurance does not start until you receive 24 months of disability benefits.* While this waiting period includes back period months, … Continue reading

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Parent misusing child’s Social Security benefits?

The responsibilities of a Social Security payee have come up a lot in the comments recently: I don’t live with my parents for 3 years but they get my disability check. They don’t give me any or pay any to the … Continue reading

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social security check in the mail

Can you keep the Social Security check for the month someone dies?

I was recently asked if you can keep (or do you have to return) a Social Security check for the month someone dies. Here is the answer straight from Social Security: If A Beneficiary Dies Let us know if a … Continue reading

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Social Security Parents Benefits

Social Security benefits for dependent parents of a disabled or deceased child

A little known provision of the Social Security system allows parents to receive Social Security benefits based on the child’s contribution to Social Security if the child dies. These are called Parent’s Benefits, which can easily be confused with Mother’s and Father’s … Continue reading

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Social Security widow’s benefits for divorced spouse

  Can a divorced husband or wife collects Social Security survivor’s benefits (widow’s or widow’s benefits) after a divorce? Yes, in some circumstances, they can. Here is a summary of the requirements: You had to be married for at least … Continue reading

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adopt child social security

Does adoption cut off survivor’s benefits for children?

I previously wrote about when a child qualifies for survivor’s benefits. I was recently asked if adoption stops Social Security survivor’s benefits for a child. If a child receives benefits from a deceased parent and is adopted by a step parent, can … Continue reading

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Mother together with the son. Tenderness, love and care.

Is a 504 plan or IEP enough to win Social Security children’s benefits

My Colorado law office handled a number of Social Security disability benefits for children. Often parents have a 504 plan or an IEP (Individualized Education Program) from the school. Parents often ask me if this is enough to have their … Continue reading

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Does Social Security family maximum reduce disability benefits?

  We’ve previously talked about the Social Security Family Maximum, which limits the total amount of auxiliary benefits paid out on a disability case. We have also discussed how a new child can reduce the auxiliary benefits for other children. … Continue reading

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effect of new baby on Social Security benefits

Effect of another child on Social Security auxiliary benefits

When a parent receives Social Security disability benefits, specifically SSDI (not SSI), his or her minor children are often eligible for Social Security auxiliary benefits. The minor children are still potentially eligible for these benefits even if the parents are divorced, and … Continue reading

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Social Security benefits for spouses and children

How much does Social Security pay in Auxiliary benefits

In addition to paying disability benefits for disabled individuals, Social Security also provides benefits for their minor children and also the spouse (if taking care of non-disabled children under 16 year old or a disabled child of any age). Note: these … Continue reading

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HIgh School Graduation and Social Security

My child is graduating high school, will my other children’s Social Security benefits change?

This question comes up in the comments from time to time. My children receive Social Security auxiliary benefits because my spouse is disabled. My oldest is graduating high school next month. Social Security has told me that my oldest’s benefits … Continue reading

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Social Security family maximum

Social Security Family Maximum for disability benefits

Social Security pays benefits to spouses and children of disabled parents. The requirements for spouses and children are discussed the linked article. However, as many parents discover, there is a cap on auxiliary benefits. Taken directly from Social Security: Benefits … Continue reading

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Children’s Social Security Disability Cases and Early Impairments

Many people ask me about whether their children will qualify for Social Security benefits based on medical conditions early in their lives: We have two adopted children that we have had since birth. One is now 14, but was born at 26 … Continue reading

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