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Second National Hearing Center opens with more on the way

  Social Security has opened a National Hearing Center (NHC) in Albuquerque New Mexico. This is Social Security’s second NHC — a hearing office which only handles video hearings.  Albuquerque initially will hear disability cases for Kansas City and Portland, … Continue reading

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Seniors may have to give back $250 stimulus payment

Everyone is waiting for the one-time $250 economic stimulus payment from Social Security. However, some seniors may have to give the money back! Social Security beneficiaries received notices last month that they soon will be getting a $250 check courtesy … Continue reading

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Swine Flu – Map of suspected and confirmed cases

Here is a Google mash-up map of the spread of the swine flu: suspected cases in pink, confirmed cases in purple. You can grab, pan and zoom in as needed.  05/12/09 Update: Hey, we got a live map again! Yay! … Continue reading

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CDC on Swine Flu

For up to date information go to Ok, everyone. Keep calm. Wash your hands. If you get sick (fever, coughs, body aches, sore throat, headache, chills, fatigue, occasionally associated with vomiting or diarrhea), go see a doctor.

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Colorado Springs Gazette covers Law Day Ask-a-Lawyer

Yesterday’s Ask-a-Lawyer event was a lot of fun and a chance to give back to the community.  We got to cover a lot of topics from family law and custody issues, to landlord/tenant and creditor matters.  I was even able … Continue reading

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Ask-a-Lawyer TODAY Saturday April 25 2009 at Citadel Mall

The El Paso County Bar is providing an Ask-a-Lawyer table as part Law Day. If you are in the Colorado Springs area, come on down to the Citadel Mall.  There will be a table set up by Dillards between 10am … Continue reading

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Furloughs (further) delay Social Security disability decisions

We all know Social Security cases take too long. Well, get ready for more delays!  In spite of increasing number of new claims for disability, Governors around the nation are requiring disability examiners (the very people who make the decisions … Continue reading

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Watch out for Social Security stimulus scams!

Timegoesby has a post up about scams popping up to scam you out of your Social Security stimulus payments.  Scam artists saw an opening and immediately began targeting consumers, including elders, to “help them qualify” for the payments. By email … Continue reading

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Need a Social Security attorney in Denver?

Looking for a Denver lawyer to help you get your Social Security disability benefits? Give William Dawson a call: (303) 455-0400.  Will has 10 years of experience with Social Security appeals, working within Social Security in the Office of the General … Continue reading

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Email claims Social Security is voluntary and tax deductible – true or false?

An email is making the rounds purporting to be a “history lesson” on Social Security for “young whipper snappers” who “weren’t taught or just didn’t know” the following truths about Social Security.  In case you doubt any of these, the email … Continue reading

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What’s the Wordle? creates very pretty tag clouds based on most used words on your site. Here’s ours:

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Social Security Stimulus: are children eligible?

I was recently asked if children who receive Social Security benefits are eligible for the one time $250 economic recovery stimulus payment. Originally, it looked like the answer was “no.”  When this article was written in March 2009, the SSA … Continue reading

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How much can I get in SSI benefits in 2009?

If you are on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or applying for SSI, you should know that Social Security’s SSI benefits have increased.  For 2008, the Federal Benefit Rate (the maximum you can receive in SSI) is $674 for individuals and … Continue reading

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What is Social Security doing with the Economic Stimulus?

  What is Social Security doing with its share of the economic stimulus? Building a huge data center, of course! Using a hefty down payment from the newly signed economic stimulus law, the Social Security Administration has embarked on a $750 … Continue reading

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Social Security stimulus payments coming in May

You may have already heard that part of the Obama’s stimulus package is a one time payment to recipients of Social Security. The payment will be $250 and it was just revealed that everyone entitled to receive a payment should have … Continue reading

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