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Bridging the Social Security Medicare health insurance waiting period

If you have been approved for Social Security disability (Title 2 – Social Security Disability Insurance), you already know Social Security Medicare health insurance does not start until you receive 24 months of disability benefits.* While this waiting period includes back period months, … Continue reading

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What medical records cost in your state

Here is a great site that lists all of the medical record charges by state. I have previously written about what it costs to get your records in Colorado. Colorado’s regulation is contained in 6 C.C.R. 1011-1, Chapter 2, Part … Continue reading

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social security medical examiner speaks out

Social Security consultative examiner speaks out

Ever wonder what Social Security consultative examiners – the doctors who meet with disability applications to decide if they are disabled – think of the Social Security disability process? Writing in Guernica, Dr. Heather Kovich discusses  her experiences as a (former) … Continue reading

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Social Security denied me disability benefits using a doctor of WHAT?

Social Security has physicians review disability cases as medical consultant’s to make opinions on individual’s abilities and limitations. However, what good is the medical consultant’s opinion if they don’t have expertise in with the disability in question. Per Nate Craig: … Continue reading

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Penrose St Francis Hospital blocking faxed records request

Penrose St Francis Hospital, one of the two major hospitals in Colorado Springs, sent me the following canned response to a (faxed) request for records for one of my clients. Please note that the fax number you are sending your … Continue reading

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What to do with bad evidence

Do you have to give bad evidence to Social Security on your disability benefit case?

One of my colleagues in the fight to help disabled individuals get their Social Security disability benefits, attorney Johnathon Ginsberg, tackles whether you have to submit unfavorable medical evidence to Social Security. I see this frequently in cases where there … Continue reading

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missing pieces

My Social Security file is missing records

Let’s say you are reviewing your Social Security exhibit file before your disability hearing and you discover that some of your doctor’s (or other records) are not there. I have mentioned before that it is not unusual for the medical … Continue reading

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What is a rheumatologist?

The American College of Rheumatology has a great overview of what a rheumatologist is and when you should consider seeing one. A rheumatologist is an internist or pediatrician who is qualified by additional training and experience in the diagnosis and … Continue reading

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How to diagnose fibromyalgia

It can be very difficult to win Social Security disability benefits based on fibromyalgia. However,  it can be done! While Social Security no longer considers fibromyalgia as a “imaginary” condition, or a “junk” diagnosis, you still need to make sure … Continue reading

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Should I see a specialist when applying for Social Security?

  I am often asked whether seeing a specialist will help in a Social Security disability case. Do I need to see a specialist? I have my own doctor. What else can a specialist tell me about my case? How … Continue reading

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What if your doctor does not want to help your Social Security disability case?

eNewsMediaMagazine has some tips on building a strong Social Security disabilty claim: Tip #1: Choose the right doctor(s). Regardless of your specific disability, you will need medical documentation. The only way to do this is to visit at least one … Continue reading

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Does Social Security set a maximum fee for medical record charges?

The answer to this is “yes,” and “no.” When Social Security requests medical records from a treatment provider (doctor, hospital, walk-in clinic, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.), and they put a cap on how much they are going to pay for those … Continue reading

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Social Security consultative examination

How to reschedule a Social Security disability exam

Here are some common questions I hear when Social Security schedules an evaluation or examination with one of their doctors: Do I have to attend the consultative examination? Since you are applying for Social Security benefits, you have a duty … Continue reading

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Social Security disability exam secrets

Secrets of the Social Security Consultative Examination

Has Social Security sent you to a doctor for an examination? Here are some things you should know when going to a consultative examination. The examination begins earlier than you think: You are observed from the moment you enter the office. The … Continue reading

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Social Security disability tip: how to get your medical records for free!

If you request medical records from a doctor or hospital in Colorado, the maximum you can be charged is set by 6 C.C.R 1011-1, Chapter 2, Part In 2008, the maximum price for medical records is “not to exceed $16.50 for … Continue reading

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