DT3 Mistakes and pitfalls in Social Security disability cases

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Today’s Disability Tips reviews the mistakes and pitfalls that can occur when you handle your own Social Security disability case.


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Tomasz Stasiuk is a Colorado Springs Social Security disability lawyer and the founding attorney of the Stasiuk Firm - a law firm specializing in Social Security disability cases in Colorado. Follow Tomasz Stasiuk on Google and Twitter

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  • http://www.facebook.com/the.real.slim.shandy Shandy Elliott

    Considering all the information and help out there dealing with suggestions on how a claimant can better prepare themselves and strengthen their claim, where can one find help and information when it comes to holding those involved with developing and adjudicating you claim accountable when they continue to make mistake after mistake which compounds resulting in denial after denial? Who is watching over the “watcher” so-to-speak? Other than the Appeals Council remanding a decision with instructions for the ALJ which he in turn ignores, where can a person go for help when their own representative becomes part of the problem? I compare my own problems with one who cries to the system for years to pay attention to a particular issue, but then three years later when the system finally catches on and pays attention to what you have been complaining about, they simply say “why didn’t you bring this up before?” It’s like no matter what I do, everyone around me keeps making mistakes yet no one wants to be the one to step up and correct them. I’m afraid I will end up in the land of federal appeals simply because simple mistakes were not corrected from day one. What about all the time wasted in the meantime? Is there a service in which can view my claim as a “second opinion” to let me know if my concerns are valid?