Starlight Spectacular 2012


The Colorado Springs midnight bike ride, Starlight Spectacular, is Saturday, June 9th, 2012. Proceeds support the Trails and Open Space Coalition – dedicated to preserving open space and parks and creating a network of trails, bike ways and green ways for the Pikes Peak region.

If the QR code I’m wearing for the ride brought you to this site, welcome! I’m Tomasz Stasiuk, a Colorado Springs Social Security disability attorney, and an avid (though truly amateur) bike rider. If you see me puffing up a hill, please bear with me! Got a great shot of me in costume? Add it to the flickr group or send it to me at tomaszstasiuk at gmail dot com.

And post your favorite photos on the Starlight Spectacular Flickr group!

06/08/12 2:09 PM – Getting this post up, qr-code made, preparing special “Cave Johnson quote” cards.

06/09/12 10:00PM  – Massive line of cars!


06/09/12 10:30PM  – Wow! This thing is BIG! If the entire lot full of cars wasn’t enough of an indication, there were a LOT of riders queuing up. 

IMG 3552

06/09/12 10:45PM – I took the long, 22 mile, path. What finally tipped the decision was the long line for the shorter path. “What the heck?” I thought, “I’ve done 22 miles before.” The first part took us around the Garden of the Gods, which is truly Spectacular by moonlight. Having the park to ourselves and riding in a group made it feel safe and, for me at least, gave me other riders to try to keep up with. 

06/09/12 11:00PM Back on the main route. Heading toward Garden of the Gods Road. Oh my! Hundreds and hundreds of bikers hurtling down Garden of the Gods road, green light after green light all the way to the I-25. This was totally awesome!

06/09/12 11:30PM – More costumes at the 1st rest area.

IMG 3560

06/10/12 1:00AM – Final choice: shortcut to back to the finish line, or stay with the long path and go through Garden of the Gods Park again. “Long path! Why not? Things have been going well so far. Right?” If I had to do it again, I would probably have taken the shortcut.

  1. It was like 98% of the other bikers just disappeared! There were maybe 8 to 10 riders I saw 
  2. It’s pitch dark. Thank goodness I had a 300 lumen lamp on the bike. 
  3. The guides at turns? Gone! I was with a group of two other cyclists who seemed to know where they were going and I followed them. If I had been by myself, I would have had no clue — and there were quite a few stretches where you didn’t see any riders in front or behind you!
  4. Hills! Blasted hills — at the very end! Arghh! Got into the lowest gears I could and just did my best to keep going AND not loose sight of every one else. There were several times I had to stop — and stopping after midnight in the dark in Garden of the Gods, makes you an easy target for the wildlife. There was plenty of incentive to keep going as soon as possible!
  5. Lost a  contact lens! After getting to the top and finally being able to enjoy the downhill curves, one of my lens just flew out of my eye! Noooo! Still, you have to keep going!

06/10/12 1:30AM – Finally, the END! A wonderful downhill coast and up to the visitor’s center to end the race with a pancake breakfast!


BTW, here’s my costume based on the video game Portal. Yup, that’s a turret on the back!

IMG 3571

The number of people who got it broke down into two groups: 12-15 year old boys, and 22 – 25 year old guys in college, and a few women. I got a lot of, “You go, Rocket Man!” which is still awesome. I loved the ride and making people happy!

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