Social Security lawyers and percent won

Do you know how to find a good lawyer? How about asking:

What percentage of cases do you win?

A high percentage of wins sounds good to many people. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a good lawyer.

Let me let you in a secret: lawyers know high percentages impress people. A lawyer with a 99% success record sounds better than one who wins 75% of cases. It is good marketing to keep a high percentage of wins. Not good “lawyering”, good “marketing.” That means lawyers may do anything to keep their percentages up.

How do lawyers keep a high percentage of wins? By turning away cases that may lose. That means, not only do lawyers evaluate a case based on merit and need and yes even compensation, but also by asking the question, “will it bring down my percentage?”

Why is keeping a high percentage bad for you as a client?

Winning more cases is still winning more cases! Right? Doesn’t it mean I have a greater chance of being successful with this lawyer?

I do not believe so. You do not become a weightlifter by sticking with 20 pound dumbbells. Playing it safe doesn’t build muscles to make you stronger.

You do not become a better lawyer by playing it safe and only taking slam dunk cases. Fighting a tough fight makes you a better fighter. For lawyers, that means taking harder cases, cases that may lose - because it makes them stretch themselves, figure out new strategies, and try harder.

Instead of focusing on percent of cases won, ask:

  • How long have you been working in this area?
  • How many of these cases do you take each year?
  • Have you handled cases similar to mine?

This will give you more information about the lawyer that you can actually use to determine if the lawyer is right for you.

Disclaimer: This is NOT legal advice. This site provides general information about Social Security disability cases in Colorado. To discuss your particular circumstances, please contact a lawyer in your area. Please review the full disclaimer .

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