Social Security benefits increase coming in 2012?


After a two years freeze in Social Security benefits, a thaw may finally be coming. The Baltimore Sun reports:

The Social Security trustees’ annual report released this month estimates that the cost-of-living adjustment in next year’s checks will be 0.7 percent. The increase, which will be announced in October, could be higher, depending on where prices head in the coming months.

So, we won’t know for sure until October and the increase may be as small as 0.7 percent, and not put into effect until 2012.  Hurray(?)

UPDATE 10/18/11: The 0.7 increase was the only news of an increase in 2012 for a long time. AP reports a real cost of living increase is coming to Social Security in 2012.

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  • Mandrake9840

    Unbelievable! Our country has the money for programs to help other countries rebuild and politician wages, but not enough to help those that are disabled! That is really pathetic! Like the joker said in the original Batman movie, “what this town needs is an enema!” What this country needs is an enema!

  • Gp_1987

    1)  There would be enough money in Social Security for seniors 62 years old and older, surving immediate family members, and the disabled if Social Security money was not tapped for young people who cannot afford to have children who plan to because money, up 100% health care to include medicine, baby supplies, etc and hospital care are provided for the baby and mom, as well as food for the baby and mom and dad.
    2)  There would be enough money in Social Security for seniors 62 years old and older, surving immediate family members, and the disabled if Social Security money was not used/borrowed to pay up 100% medical care, housing, food, and legal bills for illegal immigrants who find their way to the US.
    3)  There would be enough money in Social Security for seniors 62 years old and older, surving immediate family members, and the disabled if Social Security money was not tapped for up to 100% medical care and money for young people who are the children of divorced parents, where one parent may or may not be partially or totally disabled.
    4)  There would be enough money in Social Security for seniors 62 years old and older, surving immediate family members, and the disabled if Social Security money was not tapped for young people to live off of (food stamps and money for their children) for the parents who live in two different counties were the parents tap into Social Security from each county at the same time for food stamps and other SS authorized benefits.

  • Cheekepooh01

    Most people that are on SSI can work unless theres a mental problem.  Those of us who are on disability that cant work  need a raise.  I only get 709 a month with still a house payment.  try living on that income a month

  • TomaszStasiuk

    It is hard to make ends meet on SSI

  • guest

    I am a moderate independent voter and have voted Republican in the past but not now, as they would love it if they could stop any benefits to us.  Remember this when you vote.

  • Gpalm09

    Let’s decrease the politicians raise including the president. We should take at least 25 percent out of their pay. Prices are going up but the senior citizens and the disable have gotten the same pay for the past 2 years. Well what do you know, that is the same amount of time that obama got into office. We need to get him out. Us citizens know what is good. Obama is just out for it for himself as well as the politicians that have been in office the past 2 years. Most of them are crooked. If you don’t go along with obama you get threatened in one way or another. Are there that many naive people that still believe his lies. He has had 2 years to fix the United States and all I see is that he hurt us even more. People get a clue. Do you not see what he and his wife are doing?

  • Gpalm09

    So would you like to go and get on the obama care? Are you crazy. You need to look at it. They will then control your life. Don’t believe me just read it. Why do you think the judge threw half of it out of the health care. They wanted to run your life and control all your money.

  • Cathymiller59

    i think they should do away with congress they get all the raises  and the price of gas gos up and down whats  wrong with ppl id like to see them live on 620.00  a month buy food and pay bills they are out for them selfs ppl need to wake up and we need to fight back  the rich dont care ……

  • slsj

    If we elderly ones could go back to work we would.  Sadly many of us are disabled to the point that we can’t.  So, why is it our lawmakers are getting costs of living increases and no loss of  perks?   Yet those of us who carried this country for  years are  getting slammed?   Then on top of this we have the State’s hitting the poorest among us by taking more money from their SSI checks.  These are the ones that are already below the federal poverty level. Do these lawmakers think these don’t vote either?     So they can just cut, cut, cut and not have a back lash? I know  there is going to be a big back lash if they keep hitting the seniors in their pocket books.  Why can this country afford to send money to other countries but not take care of their own?  Makes me wonder where this country will be in the next few years.  

  • Joesblues57

    Start to send these words of unhappiness to the right people and keep sending them until you are heard maybe if enough of us complain someone will listen and do something. I had to fight to get my disability and my pension. But i got them. Now  i am fighting to keep them. Write to the President, Congressman. COME ON PEOPLE LETS DO IT. 

  • Kathywrites123

    Does anyone see the connection between a raise for the first time in two years and the upcoming elections? Obama simply wants more votes, just as he “suddenly” found Osama Bin Laden, another campaign promise. I am grateful for an increase, but don’t be fooled. It’s not because of our economic status, or because he cares about us. He simply wants people to re-elect him. I didn’t vote for him the first time, and WILL NOT vote for him now.

  • claire

    all senior citizens on social security and medicare need to flood washington, mainly obama, with letters about how we all feel what obama and the government is doing to us. i have been sending letters out to washington since last year. tell them how you feel, let them have it, don’t be afraid. let any of them try to live on
    social security, pay for added insurance,  the cost of drugs, food, utilities,etc.
    send your letters to president obama and give him hell, i do.

  • Booney54

    So what the people finally in Washington feel we deserve a raise. I am a disabled veteran, and if it wasn’t for subsided housing I would be homeless again. They send us to fight the wars, but discard us when we come home. To hell with the politricks in D.C. not the politics. When does the country wake up to the needs of the veteran?

  • Deltricia Wiliams

    I am disabled and I can barely make it on what I am rceiving now.  How much more can we give.  I am blessed to have a home that is paid for as well as a car, but why should the ones who need it the most be penalized for something we had nothing to do with.  enough is enough…


    Yea sure is funny how it is our money we paid in,where did it go to?Back in thifties e fortyies and fifties there was so much in there oh we’ll never need all that lets just steel it.Oh i forgot that was called borrowing ,but we never ever intend to pay it back t here just stupid senior citizen but thats ok as long as we get our 22%increase every term its automatic we voted it in so we darn sure arn’t goining to give it back..I just have 1 thing to say if they don’t pass a new budget,how long do u think our young m en and women are going to stay and get shot at WITH OUT PAY?Think long and hard about it fellas.

  • Tamara Nobles

    Yeah I Want  My Apartment Now And How I’m Supposed To Take Care Of My Two  Kids When I Them.

  • Wljm1952

    We’ve been saying “anything is better than the current administration” since the beginning of organized government, whether Republican OR Democrat. The problem is Power and Greed  and an American Public that is a full of FEAR. What we need is a not fearful organized American Public! They have the Power and they are abusing it (i.e. harrassing us). It’s similar to sexual harrassment on the job. Abuse of power. It’s that simple. We should have 50 million people file a class action suit against the Government!!! Or just all march on the White House. Large numbers got Nixon’s attention back in the late 60’s. This is OUR country, not just the few that are in office (and doing a crooked job of it, I might add)!

  • Boog powell

    .07% hmmmm I wonder how many packs of ramon noodles that is? Yea!!!

  • wesley L williams

    what about the auto makers bail out bail out social security also.

  • Garybell14

    look if you are poor and Middle class just making day by day on what little you have….oh well who cares? as long as the rich and greedy run this county we will never get a head…..everybody talking about a raise yeah right that will never happen….

  • john a. kurtz

     im, sad sometimes to call my self an american when we live in a country that cant get there jobs, done up there in washington those on capital hill are nothing but good for nothing ass holes and i dont care if you are a republican or democrat congress and all there bs will pay when we vote them off there seat. i worked all my life, then i became disabled i live on my ss check if it stops im, in a mess. please people stop the bitchen and get something done that dosent hert the poor.        mr, jak

  • john

     wake up its not just obama. its congress that runs the country and the republicans they were never for the poor greedy, basterds

  • Davist3

    Where did you get your information that most people on SSI can work? I have been stuck on SSi for the past three years am totally physically disabled and have no mental problems.

  • Koke09

                                              *  If you love the US “( our country )”.  Think about this.  *

         well many illegal women’s are having babies in the US, ” (OUR COUNTRY) ” and our government it is paying  for them, all those medical bills, and giving them food stamps, about 300.00$ every other week, and giving them low income housing, about 1,200$ every month.  A grand total of (1.800.00$) every month.  About
    21.600 a year, for more tham seven years.  “( for child )”.

                                                    BUT GUESS WHAT THIS PEOPLE NEVER PAID TAX.

                                                                    But we all US citizen pay tax gladly.

        I worked for 20 years I did allways pay tax.  about 500.00$ every two weeks. But I became handicap, and I am not able to work, and I  can not collet food stamps or housing.  And I am a US. Citizen is this fair. !

  • Lfmixon

    You don’t have a clue.  Obama has nothing to do with this really.  The country was screwed up when he came into office.  Thanks to a republican President who didn’t give a care about his own citizens, who started two wars in two countries at basically the same time, who looked the other way when Wall Street was selling those junk housing bonds (which caused the near collaspe of the housing market) and companies churning heir books for profit (wall street again).
      The way SS raises are computed changed and it changed before Obama came into office.  You blame him for all of your woes but if we get a Republican President, you WILL be crying.  They want to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and elderly while increasing the coffers of the rich.  So if you aren’t rich already, you will be really hurting.

  • Aubreywilson34

    you go shirley phillips tell it like it is we need to talk and let  the goverment no that the goverment  is the people .

  • robgrant

    Well folks, keep voting in them republicans. They are the ones who think people on social security are living high on the hog. The argument that there has been no inflation is a failed one. Just look at the prices in the grocery store, at the pump, your rent, and the fact that the government continues to increase the debt ceiling. Call you congresspeople and senators today, and demand that their raises and medical benefits be slashed as your benefits have been. That’s the only way we’re going to solve this problem and make them see the light. And for God’s sake, stop voting in the republicans.

  • Dee5149

    What is wrong with our country?
    What have they done to us?The system is broken! And we the American people are slaves to the system!If your work  all your life and pay your dues someone takes it. The governments system can’t stand to see anyone in the US have any money but the people up on Capital Hill. How would those creeps up there like to live like us every day hard working normal people? All those many, many politician aren’t worried about how to put a roof over their heads or how to feed their kids….We the people pay for that! We work hard every day to pay for their good life and we’re left with nothing. They have the best and we pay for it. Their checks keep getting fatter and we keep getting poorer. We the  hard working American people are being ripped blind. Our income has not gone up for years, but every thing else has along with their pay checks. How can we live??Our politicians (creeps) work for the lobbies not us!  The politicians and the big companies like Banks, Ins., Medical and Utilities co. are all in bed together.  Those big companies are all very, very rich and have an on going free passes to enable them to keep ripping us poor, because of all the foul play that goes on behind closed doors. We now have nothing left to give! We are becoming a 3rd. world country very fast. We are no longer the power country we once were.This so-called government has let all our jobs go to other countries with out thinking what it’s was going to do to us. No wonder we are in the mess we’er in. We have no jobs in order for our country to function. We can no longer afford to live, get sick or even die for that matter.The government system  has no right to touch our Social Security money. It’s not the governments money, it’s not the politician money, It’s the peoples money and they the government system took it. We are forced all our lives to pay into the system by the government so they can now steal it from us.  We are made  to save  for older age,  just so they could find a way to slip it into their pockets. This all makes me sick!They need to stop all the crap and fix our system. The first step is to stop sending our money to other countries. They give our money to 107 other countries (maybe more) that hard working Americans   sweated for.  That’s money gone, that the aged and the poor in the US could use. How can they take care of other countries and not their own people?  It’s our money, not the Governments. It’s crazy! The 2nd. step is to get our jobs back. We can not function as a country with no jobs!Right now, I could care less about other countries when our own people are suffering!Once a politician get’s in office, they are set for life and could care less about the people who put them there.We need to get rid of all that extra baggage in Washington. We the people need to change the system. We the people need to get rid of all the crap! We should be the ones to vote if they get a raise, not them self’s. They work for us! We shouldn’t be working for them.Why are we the American people not asked to vote on where our money goes or how it’s spent?It’s not the creep(s) on the hill money, It’s our money! 

  • Dee5149

    Why is our system paying for all the illegals. The system gives to them but my daughter whom is in-need 
    of help can’t receive any. Is there something wrong with this picture. “Hey” she’s an American. She works hard but, the pay sucks! There are no more decent wages for the middle class anymore. She has no medical with her job and the cost to obtain personal medical ins. is more then she makes a month.  If she was an illegal she could have everything she needed, but as an American she made to keep paying her tax money
    for the illegals. Her health or that of her kids is not important to our system. These illegals are draining us dry and our government seems to think it’s OK to let this continue. Our government likes the illegals because
    if they ever do have to pay into the system the  government gets to keep it because they are illegal and can never get it back in SS benefits. It’s so stupid because that will never make up for the drain they are placing on our system right now. What happen to our immigration laws? We are giving our money to other countries, we are taking care of every illegal that crosses our borders and they have given our jobs away. What nice American we are!  This US government system sucks! You won’t see other countries  being so stupid. Every other country is laughing at us. We the American people are nothing but slaves to our government. We are forced by no choice of our own to support the whole world. Now we are left with nothing  China has gotten rich off us. We have no choice but to buy their crap! Our government is in bed with them along with big business. This is all called …Forced slavery. 

  • Greenface

    We ALL complain, but don’t do anything about it !!  We should all unite and hire many many many buses and ride to Washington & congregate on the grounds of the White House to express our disappointment with our  United States government.  During the era of 1961 – 1970, the “Freedom Riders” (for segregation)  succeeded  in demanding their equal rights as  human-beings of this country.   Many people were hurt  by the opposition,  but because of their preserverance they prevailed!!
     Yes our government is broke in every sense of the word !! In reality IT IS corrupt.
    Congress hides behind the Constitution which THEY  don’t abide by,  but only when it pertains to their benefit.   According to the Constitution the Social Security money was never to be used for any other purpose but ONLY  for what it was intended.  But as years passed the government avail themselves to the monies in Social Security, NOW they declare that Social Security is going broke !  What does say about our government. 
    I believe the wealthy should pay their fair share of TAXES, close all their loop holes and pay as everyone else.
    Why should a 76 year old grandma on $1200.00 (Social Security) still have to pay taxes, while these Fat Cats pay nothing.  And still getting Fat by the day !! 
    So people …please wake up and take action.    We elected them so they work for us !!  If they can’t do their job then we fire them.  Remember election day.   Yes, we are suppose to  respect our government, but  are they showing you any respect? They keep on taking away programs that benefit the sick, poor, handicapped children, elderly, education, caregivers etc, etc.      Don’t forget THEY work for you, they represent YOU in Washington.  Also the automatic pay increases that Congress give themselves has to  stop.  I believe its under a  Constitution Law.  As other instances this Constitution Law can be amended,  as was the Social Security law. 

  • Aubreywilson34

    go greenface we need to unite and go to the white house  also we need someone to help the poor citizens of  to day

  • Albert R Kayo

    My wife, and I depend, on SSI like million’s of retired “American’s, So with all the fuss over the Budget,& Deficit,we’re glad that this fight is over for awhile!! Next year is another problem , so we are so glad SSI will get “COLA” to give us a raise!!       The economy is still in shambles, and the “The President need’s to address these problems!!  Thank’s to “Congress”,”The Senate”,& the House of Represenitives”The fight is over for now!!  Such as it was!! Like they say, nothing is perfect!! Lets hope, that later down the line, they don’t cut “Medicare” which is senior’s worse nightmare,so keep your fingers crossed !!
    Serious seniors!! ARK & DBK !!!! 

  • Cakreeger

    Don’t blame Obama…he can only do so much!

  • Acewi

    it better be more then 0.7  or tell your congress men to take a cut pay ha,ha.

  • Willene

    I think it is bad when you have worked all your life & have nothing to show for it, because the  economic is so bad, my family can hardly eat. I dont have a car to get around. My health is bad. I think this president is doing the best he can, if everybody would work together for the best, this would be a better world. God is coming back one day, It would be a shame for people to lose thier soul to the Devil because of Hate. Let us learn here in the USA how to love & maybe things will get better. This is something to think about!!!

  • Pupmuffy

    Im sure the President would like to see us get a raise, but what about the Republicans?? Thats all I have to live on.  Would like to see the Big Shots live on just that…..

  • Ladybeesweet

    then dont, just because you are  White & dont like Black people, thats your Problem. I dont have that problem, I Love everybody!!

  • Rainestony

    Jesus will come and restore order to this filthy planet; this is Satans World and we are all dieing in our sins because we were born into sin! Jesus has a perfect judgement and everyone will get their proper place in eternity! God is not a respecter of persons, all flesh is condemned. But the Lord sees the suffering of his people; and with much suffering comes much blessing! I ache for the broken hearted and the down trodden, the poor and sick, the suffering of little children; but the Scriptures say their Angels are standing before God! The Lord has not forgotten us, he will heal our wounds! Pray that the Lord come quickly!

  • Robrtu3

    What do you expect obama gets paid 400.000 a year each congressman an ladies get 200.000 not sure what the sentate gets but they swindle us the american people an lie to us I am sorry I don’t trust no politician their the worst lier’s of all it’s time to start thinking of the american people their gona start chopping they need to start with there own pockets take 75,000 off each person in congress an 350,000 off the president an take cut off the sentate see how much that money add’s up per year it will add quick an leave us that are on social security alone an the other’s that live pay check to pay check an most of all stop worrying about other countries an taking care of them we the united states keep taking care of them how the hell they gona take care of them selves that’s like taking care of a child all life an they can’t do for them selves in their adult life need to STOP!.

  • USMC

    I say we overthrow this BS Government,and start new!

  • Cdhudson99

    I was shocked last year when we didn’t get a cost of living increase since gas and groceries had already started to rise. I wondered at the time, who makes these decisions? They certainly don’t live in my world or the real world for that matter. I agree with some of the postings I have read here. The Congress needs to close their gym and give up perts, stop traveling overseas to see the troops (vacation duh), some even take their wives or whatever (mistress).  Does anyone know why GE didn’t pay any federal tax last year. I keep hearing this but haven’t been able to confirm that rumor? It’s a shame we give so much away and can’t even take care of ourselves. Charity begins at home.

  • TexasLadyL

    American people have lost jobs, homes, cars, everything they have worked hard for while our politians give them selves raises and send jobs overseas.   American children are hungry and homeless yet we send money to other countries to feed them and forget about our own.  We are slowly becoming a country of homeless people  because the  jobs are being sent to other countries. The 9% unemployed are only the ones that are claiming unemployment.  The ones who have run out of unemployment and the young that can’t get a job  are not counted in the 9%.  
     Social Security was never meant to finance the government short fall.  That money was put into a fund to support the citizens who put the money in there for years so they could live out their life without becoming a burden to their love ones.  The Medicare will cost the seniors $113.00 out of their check in 2012 and most have a supplement policy that cost just as much plus the prescription policy that cost them again.  You can figure $250.00 out of the social security check just for their medical needs and they still have deductibles and co-pays.
    Our soldiers fight for our freedom and when they come home to no job and they become homeless along with their wife and children.  Our Vets are homeless.  Is this how we repay them for giving their all for us?
    Americans need to stand together and put a stop to the high salaries our politicians get with all the perks, we need to stop supporting the world and take care of our own and when we get our house in order then we can extend help to others, STOP BUYING ANYTHING FOREIGN we are not allowed to sell in their country so we need to stop buying the things they sell and this will put jobs back into the USA, ,  This is our country and we need to unite and save what little of it we have left.  I could write about many other things that we can do to bring our country back to its glory.  I”m tired of politicians ruling us and getting the gravy while working people and the unemployed get the scraps.

  • joe brooks

    I think congress should give themselves a 0.7% and see how they like it ? But of course that will never
    happen. There is something gone wrong in this country.  Seniors are treated like second glass.
                                                             Joe Brooks
                                                             Ft Laud. Fl.

  • Mead Joyce

    Although i agree with love Willene;  you can love somebody right into hell; the government don,t get along because of greed and the allmighty dollar; and who suffers for it, the old and the poor, and the working class ppl who have lost there jobs and can,t find another one cause there all moved overseas. it,s time the american ppl stand up for whats right and take back what the devil is stealing from us; THE AMERICA THAT WE USED TO HAVE; we are losing it fast, and loving these greedy ppl in washing isen,t gonna fix it, we,ll be loving them all the  while there laughing all the way to the bank, and our nation is going down the toilet. and that dosen,t mean we hate the ppl just the way things are run in this country.

  • Shirley Gaultney

    I would like to see the members of Congress live on $936.00 a month and pay 95% of that on rent. What kind of groceries could they buy for $77.00 a month? Thank God, I am a vegetarian. I do not qualify for subsidy housing because my 40 year old daughter lives with me and is my care-giver.

  • Gunsar500

    Social Security is NOT an Entitlement!  We paid into it and the government owes US!!!!  US Government, stop stealing from us!!!!  

  • Gunsar500

    GET REAL!!!!  After all these years since Jesus was here on planet earth, you still expect the LORD to clean up our world.  WE made a mess of it and WE need to clean it up.  Get off your ass and stop spouting such ridiculousness and DO something positive.  When a person is thirsty,  you don’t pray for him, YOU give him water!!!!  GOT IT????

  • Gunsar500

    GET REAL!!!!  After all these years since Jesus was here on planet earth, you still expect the LORD to clean up our world.  WE made a mess of it and WE need to clean it up.  Get off your ass and stop spouting such ridiculousness and DO something positive.  When a person is thirsty,  you don’t pray for him, YOU give him water!!!!  GOT IT????

  • Mrmoshl

    Reduce spending-how about we cut the Republicans pay check by at least 20% and let them pay  a portion of their Health insurance and 3% of their Pensions.  Oh by the way take away their government credit card.  That should really help.

  • Doddlinda

    Everyone who has complaints about the corrupt republicans need to get out and cast their democratic votes.  If you can’t get out to vote, do request an absentee ballot.  Fill it out  and mail it back.  We all know the republicans are a crooked bunch who advocate for the rich, and will do whatever it takes to make sure the rich and the large corporations don’t have to pay their fair share of taxes.  That burden will be left up to the working poor and middle class folks.  Thier also attempting to suppress our constitutional right to vote in presidential elections.  We need to stand up and fight them tooth and nail on this one, for “We The People” pay their salaries so they can have many homes, boats, cars, airplanes,  and luxery vacations.  They are the definition of greed.  As far as social security goes, it is not a handout, it is not charity, and it is not relief.  It is an earned right based upon contributions and earnings of the individual.  As an earned right, the individual is eligible to recieve his/her benifits in dignity and self respect.  (102 Congressional Record15, 110  (1956).     

  • Sarge401

    heyyy people  change name to pedro, gomez or gonzales and no problem  then you can get everything you need no questions asked  or go to los angeles or tiajuana   north  it seems everybody benefits  except the people who have paid for them

  • Mhteate

    All entitlements must be greatly reduced to balance the federal budget.  The unfunded liability of all entitlements is $50 Trillion including Social Security, Federal Pensions, Military Pensions, Medicare and Tricare.  The money we placed in the Trust Funds has been spent by both Republicans and Democrats.  Also,  life expectency has increased by 400% and has increased the unfunded liability by  that amount. = life expectency is now 85 yrs vs 70 yrs when social security act was passed in 1937.  The printing of paper money and the large deficits has destroyed our financial system.  It has happened many times in history when Greed takes over in a Democracy and citizens vote themselves excessive payouts.   

  • Nort52

    Why not just keep it, I like all recipients on Social Security woud’nt notice it any way. after looking
    down so long I’m now afraid to look up! I’m afraid a Buzzard might SHIT in my face. silly me though
    0.7 percent I looked up and it was our own beloved mascot the AMERICAN EAGLE. Our elected officials Let him SHIT all over the poor one more time. Please remember we voted them in, we can vote em out. But you have to remember their replacements will either be the same or worse.
    The American people own this country just ask any CEO who stole all he could from the company
    that put them in charge. I’m still waitin on all those good ole Boys to do some time. I guess they were
    sorry so the congress and senate just could’nt find anything wrong with all the corruption going on.
    Almost makes you think that our leader’s of this Great Nation of ours is on their payroll also .
    This is my opinion. Anyone else who might think like this may not love America.
    If You can’t take care of your own. How do you sleep?
    Thanks everyone and good luck our Government has shown it’s loyalty to all of the poor working
    class. I never dreamed our own Government would turn on the working people as they have.
    FDR is rolling in his grave. I’m sorry I took so long .
    Thanks again. Nort Stephens   Home town America.

  • Fallout137

    I really hate to read about the horrible republicans. Look dumb ass–. when the Democrats are in control they do nothing but run up the debt and give away your tax dollars. wow how damn dumb can you be?

  • Hockeyman Paul

    Well all the Republicans said when voted in was jobs, jobs, jobs,  not one time have they put in a jobs bill. Instead they want to do is completely do away with social security, medicare and medicade. Anyone that votes any Republicans in office,  President’s, Congressmen/women or senators this up coming election get what they deserve.  The Tea Party/Republicans hate america and the Middle class, the poor, seniors, blacks, gays, lesbians and anyone else thats not lining their pockets. They do not deserve to be in any form of public office

  • Hockeyman Paul

    There shouldn’t be a Republican Party/Tea Party. They all hate America. All they want to do is destroy the fabric of this country. To me they are no better then terrorists, and comunists for wanting to do to the american middle class, poor and most of all our seniors.

  • Stlulo

    Yeah we need a Robin Hood…or a revolution. Just imagine all the Fat Cats and their best dressed women being knocked down to our level   ….living on less than $800.00 a month and no health insurance. It makes me so ANGRY to see them waltzing around in their expensive suits with their smug expressions…”let them eat cake!”….REVOLUTION!!! Where is our rescuer??

  • Popwgl

    were NOT through yet with these short-shighted people like reps lamborn and mcconnell and randy pauly there.. they  should now be out of office for good .. screw the teaparty haters of our dear belov ed social security and now medi care  and also greedyy politician thayt can stand a chance at the polls in november!!

  • miltong

    I agree with all of the comments, but when you look at it this has been going on like for ever thats why we have this problem, of jobs, soc sec, medicare, medicaid, and on and on and on.And the sad part about it is its a little late to do anything about it . Our enemies have put this country right where they want us. in a financial funk. short on money, gas, and you do the math . its depression time in the U.S.A. I don’t want to  sound negative , and i love my country but the truth is the truth.M.L.G.

  • miltong

    so true

  • Smithrosemary90

    How can the government make a comment that social security is an entitlement!!!!!!! Most of us paid 40+ years into it!!!! If I had the 40+ years of money that i paid into social security invested over the years. I wouldnt be drawing 1100.oo monthly!!!!

  • Chellie

    I sure hope the increase comes I worry about my dad and his friends.  I will check this out further and then give him the good news if he does not have it already

  • Rainestony

    My message was of hope and seems to have cut you! You seem to be Anti Christ! Your comments show lack of understanding therfore you have no wisdom for the correct use of knowledge. You must be unlearned in the Scriptures, and your language shows your Arrogance; thinking you are some what special! You have no idea of my works; but I will put them up against any mans. But works doesn’t save anyone! And sure you give a person water, and bread and shelter and clothing, and don’t forget his wife and 5 children, then there are his 12 brothers who have lost everything! But Jesus offers living water! And he is the bread of life and will deny no man Bread, if they ask of him! So- while you are giving a person a drink; who will need another drink soon, go ahead and feed all the hungry of this World since you are so high and mighty! But your Arrogance shall be brought low! Jesus was Meek, but he is not Weak! You are one day closer to death today and if you don’t know him, then he doesn’t know you, and will not miss you when he says depart from me into everlasting darkness! Maybe my message will burn in your ears as you are Judged on your good works! Without Faith there is no hope! So I will continue to Pray for the Lord to intercede while you get up off your #@# and clean up the worlds order; talk about rediculous; YOU ARE!!!!!! GOT IT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Joann3258

    Gee I just figures out That I would gat a big $12.20 raise in my SS.  Which will go Right in to Medicare you know that!  We will not see it in the wallet i can bet money on it.  Gee That not even a 1/4 of a tank of gas depending on where you live!  WHO IN THE HOLY NAME OF GOD are the kidding.  They as in (The powers that be) should take a pay and and but in the SS, Medicare, Medicaid, and VA Benefits!
    Are they kidding I repeat! Are they Kidding!



  • Anonymous

    Gas was $1.61/gallon when Obama was voted in. It is now $3.61. That huge increase alone makes everything we buy higher. Plus … Medicare (+20%) has gone up as has supplemental insurance(+15%). 

    0.7%?  Ridiculous. 5% at a minimum.

  • Rsaucier60

    They raised my rent $65 a month. Yea the .07 increas will help extra $9 . what a joke.

  • Juneparks8

    you are so right that oil company was ordered to pay for cleanups so what did they do? kept raising the price of oil. So who’s paying?? and if this country wants the worst depression ever, stop s.s checks,
    58 million or ever how many not buying groceries or gas,not paying light bills or mortgages and 
    property taxes, pretty soon those who voted to cut would also be out their money comes from all of us.
      Sometimes I feel like they want everybody over 50 to die

  • J.w. Mainer

    I think we need a president that is for the poor not for the rich and not a mosliem and get rid of the ones who  is filling their fat belly’s and sitting on their fat behinds and doing  nothing for the poor, not only have people haven’t gotten a raise for their social security and medicare has gone to pot everywhere you go doctors are refusess to take medicare cause our government won’t pay what owe to the doctors. Cause the way the poor and elderly and disable is treated I hope 2012 does happen and takes our greedy Government with it.

  • Disgusted with our lawmakers.

    I am a widow of 6 years.  I lost my husband and 9 months later I lost my job. No one wants to hire someone close to 60 years old.  I know I tried.  I have lived on a fixed income and no medical insurance for 6 years. I don’t qualify for an type of aid because I own my mobile home. I don’t know what this country is coming to.
    My mother is 83 and they just cut her SSI out.  She was over the $ limit because she had a burial insurance policy  and grave site.  Now is that not a joke.

  • Anonymous

    This goverment has been the worst for the poor in the history of the United States.
    It seems that they want to kill of starvation the people who worked hard their whole life
    and now have to pay the consecuences of the ineptitude and currption of the polititians
    who “lead”? the country.

  • Alvie_fizzy

    Dear Mr  Obma next Time you guys want a RAise I think 0.1 % would be good for you guys well 0% would be better come on  0.7 what the hell is medcare  going up 0.6  give us a break iworked in a steel mill then back gave out  i guess we the people are just  not that  imporant to you  or any of you  guys in washington  well i say  we have the power to get you ourt and try some one else out  maybe if you guys knew going in well i better do good or i am out  well then maybe you would do for us  yes people let  get out there and vote and we and we alone have the power so let s use it  and find us some body who Truly cares for us

  • Ilovelarry1964

    they need more compassion on people, they need to come out of thier pockets besides ours, the rich will not go to heaven, i feel for them .  AND GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Ron

    the policy cant be counted as a resource make sure its put in an irovocable burial fund your bank can help you with this is what i did for my mom and when she passed the burial was payed for also you can put as much as you want in for the burial only and when a person passes if there is any left over you would recieve

  • Madelinhardman

    With the prediction of food, clothing, energy and everything to skyrocket, how are we supposed to make it; or  maybe they don’t want us to.   The congress and the president get and promote themselves to higher wages with huge expense.  That should not be allowed.  There has been no SS raises in two years already.  What are they thinking!  

  • Jeklly55

    well if the government would honor its debt to the people of the united states and return the money that was paid into the system and spent by the government ss would not even be an issue. Some of those lost and stolen billions of this stupid war and tax breaks for the rich. they didnt have the guts to return some of that  money to ss.  This government has stolen ss money and appears they want to default on its debt to the people but not to china, elect people who will acknowledge this debt, lower spending and cut fraud in medicare and raise revenue as it should be.


    I have plan that i think ( WE THE PEOPLE) can agree on, lets start garnishing the wages of all past and present congressman, senators and Pres. that are living today. We can amend a bill and name it.
                     (H.R. 0001 – stating that all employed congressman,senator and Pres. that has stolen from 
                                              the social security fund will be garnished wages and any tax returns do him or her
                                              until all monies are returned to social security…. )  

    If i am not mistaken these people work for us,THE PEOPLE OF THE U.S. so i guess that makes us employers. Lets start doing the things that need to be done, because apperently these ladies and gentlemen and thats being nice can’t seem to figure it out. What a waste of all that education in Wash.

  • Unknown

    The disabled did not get an increase for 2 years and cannot work, so this is the only income.  Cost of living has increase dramatically which makes it hard. 

  • Itsmehurricaneb

    This is all too sad and just pure WRONG! I am on SSD, and can’t afford to have the bones in my mouth called teeth taken care of, yet the drunken druggie on SSI who never worked for she is a drunk and crack user can afford to have a state “voucher” to assist with her rent, gets a free cell phone even though she has one of her own on a prepaid plan, gets assistance with her utlities, went and got top and bottom dentures all free! I worked and worked hard my child and I live in someone elses home (closed in carport) for I cant afford to save a down payment for a mort, and rent is even higher, my car maintenance and ins and live and eat otherwise, had to go to er for bad bad teeth pain and they said I need a dentist and they couldn’t do a thing for me! guess when the infection gets in my blood stream and I get  real ill they will then do something for my teeth.  This person I am reffering to also gets food stamps I am denied make $600 a year  too much! The housing grants and helps I really cant find the true assistance and the news paper articles that show a family getting a grant to help get a home a help of over 20,000 I emailed the writer of that article to ask where they got the real help only to get NO RESPONSEQThis is all too sad and just pure WRONG! I am on SSD, and can’t afford to have the bones in my mouth called teeth taken care of, yet the drunken druggie on SSI who never worked for she is a drunk and crack user can afford to have a state “voucher” to assist with her rent, gets a free cell phone even though she has one of her own on a prepaid plan, gets assistance with her utlities, went and got top and bottom dentures all free! I worked and worked hard my child and I live in someone elses home (closed in carport) for I cant afford to save a down payment for a mort, and rent is even higher, my car maintenance and ins and live and eat otherwise, had to go to er for bad bad teeth pain and they said I need a dentist and they couldn’t do a thing for me! guess when the infection gets in my blood stream and I get  real ill they will then do something for my teeth.  This person I am reffering to also gets food stamps I am denied make $600 a year  too much! The housing grants and helps I really cant find the true assistance and the news paper articles that show a family getting a grant to help get a home a help of over 20,000 I emailed the writer of the article to find out where to go for this great help for a no response! I think it was just a bogus writting to make people think good things are being done, when in fact you get sent in a cirlce or no answer or to be told funds have been depleted as they are getting new furniture!  but you know the officals all have nice homes, clothes, cars and all medical is a given top best not to mention our new president likes to drink as well I am sick and tired of this! how can you fix your neighborhood when your house is broken, dont believe what you hear or read people see the REAL TRUTH GREED has taken over and this is a part of sick population control. If they the officals and vps etc were not corupt when they started it takes only a month or two before they are, its greed. and LORD have mercy on us all for we the people have laid down and allowed all this to happen!

  • Kvmare

    In my case, this .7% increase amounts to $6.00.  The Medicare part B increase is expected to increase $17.60.

  • Phyllis Tedeschi May

    well this is gooooood!

  • Goddess Melanisia

    That’s….. 6$ for my family (My husband is disabled).  Whooo hooo! I can finally buy…. a gallon of gas. 

  • Goddess Melanisia

    SSD pays so little, that if I would just stop working and stay home, we could get food stamps and medicaid.   Inflation floats at 3% a year so shouldn’t we get around that for increase?

  • Guest

    Not only do I get very little to live on from DSS to add insult to it all I can not even get food stamps. Lucky for me I can at least go to a food pantry but they only allow 1 bag of food per month. Now the price of food is increasing. We need a president that gives a crap about helping the people that vote in to the office.

  • Je1babs

    They should have to lie on what the average amount a single womanl lives on for the next two yearand see how theylike it. They seem to have no trouble getting a raise every year and crying that they can’t lie on that mount.

  • Pisces_teddy1962

    sad thing is that if any raise comes they gobble most of it up by raising medicare premium also

  • Wadepatricia31

    i have noticed that a lot of ppl are making it Obama’s fault we are in this situation but its not it started with bush and how is the president gonna get anything done when every time he tries to accomplish anything that will help our country and our ppl the republicans block it!!!! They have stopped every idea or proposal that have come their way because why it will cut into their own personal finances!!!!

  • Jwilliams

    If they are going to raise medicare premium they wil have to give us an increase to be
    able to pay for it. Times are tight. My husband and I are 75 and 85 years old and retired, but still working part time for a son in law in order to be able to live. I am a retired banker and my husband a retired sales manager but my investment account has gone down so much I hate   to draw on it, but my age demands that I do. We are in a catch22

  • Thestr8man

    I paid into Railroad Retirement for 20 years & paid into RR Retirement a the max rate. Then I worked in the private sector for 20 years and for over half that time I was self employed and paid both the employer/employee portions into Social Security. Now I go to sign up for my RR Retirement and Social Security and they tell me NO NO, I can’t draw both. I can only draw on one or the the other, whichever pays the best. They say I can’t “Double Dip”! So—I have to forfeit one or the other. So when you take the earnings of 20 years vs 40 years I get penalized in my entitlements. This is Fair? An Elected official can serve one term in office and get full pay as retirement, This is Fair? That’s the LAW.
    Thomas Jefferson said “When injustice becomes law, then rebellion becomes duty.


    Face it everybody, we are on our own. We are all struggling to make ends meet and I have never considered that the government owed me anything because I have been working for 45 years and have never taken any government handouts like so many have done for generations. The only one who is goig to take care of you is yourself. Stop looking for handouts.

  • Agape4all

    It’s amazing that there are people who think the government providing assistance to people in time of need is a hnd out! The number of people who receive goverment asistance is a very small amount in regards to what the government spends our money on.  It is wonderful that you gave 45 years to your career, I myself would have given more. However one day I was feeling like i might be coming down with the flu…a doctor said it was pneumonia and then changed the diagnosis to broncitis. In les than a day I went into cardiac arrest twice and then a coma. I was 38. I have a pacemaker defibulator, a trache a 17 year old and an eight year old. My husband could know longer drive for his employer because he got a pace maker. I worked 20 years and paid taxes should my goverment not help me?

  • Reflection444

    That handout is considered the credits that are due you; ande based on the amount of your earnings. Social Security will use your work history to determine your eligibility for retirement or disability benefits or your family’s eligibility for survivors benefits when you die. I would not consider 45 years employment as a handout; rather that which is owed to you.

  • Jsulli1122

    you must be a  moron.  The government owes you for your social security deductions they have been taking out your paycheck for 45 years you goof ball idiot.

  • GH

    Groceries alone have increased more than 0.7%.  I just got my new rates for my Medicare advantage plan, and eventough the monthly premium did not increase, the physician visit’s rates increase by $5 each and the prescription drug plan increased by $6 on each 90 day supply.  Then take into account, we still have to have clothes, necessities, gas.  I do believe that my COL as way increased past 0.7%.  When the Congress votes they next raise in will they get more than 0.7%?  Isn’t it strange how the cost of living hits  Congressmen and Senators harder then it does people on Social Security????

  • NoFreebies

    By all means.  That is what Welfare and other Government assistance programs were set up for.  However, if a person has never worked, continues to have children that they have no intentions of supporting by themselves, and honestly believes that it is the Government’s place to support them then those are the ones that I would also say get “hand-outs”.  If a person has paid into the system, by all means get your money’s worth out when you need it.

  • ObamaNot

    Maybe it did start with Bush.  However, I am sick to death of hearing “remember where we started from” from the Obama camp.  Obama needs to move on and has made NO effort at all to correct the mess he continues to refer to.  Bushes days are over, let it rest.  Hopefully Obama’s days will be over soon and we can hear a new President scream “Please bear with me, while we get the bulldozers in to clear the mess that Obama left behind”.

  • ObamaNot

    Great minds think alike.  It took me 2 1/2 years to get my SSD after working for over 30 years.  However, if I had 5 children, by five different daddies, had never worked a day in my life and never intended to, therefore, nevery having paid anything into the system, and was also doing everything you described, I could have gone into the Welfare office and walked out with some type of Government assistant that very day.  Fair?  I DO NOT THINK SO!!!

  • Thanks

    Why in the world would you not draw your SS Retirement?  That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  Maybe you never knew how to read your pay stub.  THAT MONEY BELONGS TO YOU.  YOU PAID INTO IT FOR YOUR RETIREMENT.  Hand-outs are when people have never worked and paid into the system and the government doles out to them.  Let me thank you for on behalf of the Social Security Department for your generous donation.

  • Mighty49

    i had an irrovocable burieal fund for my mom and that cannnot be counted as it is to be used for the funeral expences only i set it up with funeral home and bank it should not be counted agaaint you at all its the law of what can be counted as countable income please check into this further

  • Hocuar

    2012 is an election year, you can expect to see a SMALL increase.  If it was not an election year, we would see a freeze again.  So disgusting.

  • Minidogs2

    Bush wasn’t handing out monies to the banks and other corporations as if it was the Peoples fault for their failures.  Their failures were due to their high bonuses and the fact that people have lost their jobs or taken large cuts in pay to keep their jobs.  They can’t afford to take out loans, etc.  In addition, Obama has a Small Business Loan Plan in effect, the only problem is small businesses cannot get the money.  They allow congressmen or senators to take the monies (illegallly because the benefactor cannot make more than $100,000 a year) and take them to Greenland to build Fiats.  The American people are paying for this, but not one job has resulted in this country as a result of this “SBA Loan”!!!!!!!!!  I know several small business people who have applied, but i don’t know one that got the loan.  I read somewhere that the correct description of our country is now “America, the Land of Socialism”      You can thank our current President for that.  We are not longer a “free” people

  • Bill L.Curry

    If the politicions woud put back the 2.7 trillion they have stolen from SS trust fund we could all get a nice raise in 2012.

  • Chicken4270

    oh my god!  pray the lord, may a 0.7 raise for us seniors that have had NOTHING but everything going up including medicare…..we paid into these accts and we are entitled to a good raise every year!!!!!!!!!!!  i hope they get the lead out of their *** and make damn sure that o’bama doesn’t get re-elected…..he’s ruined this country   all those yahoos on the hill think about is their raises and our taxes that pay for all their parties and running around in AF One!    this country sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jdayscv

    Chicken pleeze this country was so messed up in the 8 years preceding Obama

  • Tumblebug34

    don’t blame obamie the repukes would love doing completely away with social security

  • Thelabe

    keep your charity with that increase.  the members of congress get 3 perc ent for what. 

  • airchauffeur

    Amazing that the left still blames Bush..LMAO!! Hey dumbass, O’BUMMER has had 3 years now and added TRILLIONS to our deficit. You re-elect Husseign O’Bummer foe 4 more and this country sinks. Even democrats with 1/3 of a brain admit to this.

  • monie711

    It makes me upset when people put the blame on one person. Are people forgetting that everything that goes on in the White House is things that has been going on for years! It is one president will start something, leave it for the other president when he comes in. I think that people are forgetting that they let Bush stay in office for 8 years and what did he do? NOT A DAMN THING!!! But people is not complaining about what he did. President Obama cannot do nothing unles the Republicans and Democrates and the House approved it. People need to think about the people that they put into office for these position. Before people start to blame the president they need to think. If you ever heard the president making a choice or giving the people a decision before the other three have put in their opinion or voted on the issue. People start thinking!!!!

  • monie711

    You need to blame those people on the hill!! True the President is on the hill, but he cannot make decisions by himself. Them other ones on the hill is the ones the decisions. Of course the President can veto them, but it still don’t get things accomplished. If people don’t take the time to vote and voice their opinion when needed. But if things don’t go their ways, they sure can be make their voices heard!!

  • monie711

    How do you know that Bush was not handing out money? You don’t. Not everything that is going on in Washington, the people know about. Do you expect them to tell us? NO! As far as economy is these issues probably was going more and more. The problem was that people never expected that it would get this bad. If peope know how to survive and not live beyond their means, they would have money. Instead of getting houses they can afford, they get more because the credit company let them have them. If people would look at getting things they can be comfortable with they would feel a little better. Stop blamming Obama for this.

  • Ca[tain Blie

    If the republicans do away with Social Security, then where is Perry, Cain, Cane, Romney going to borrow money from to pay for benefits for illegal immigrants, WIC, special interest projects like Haliburton, etc.?

  • Sophia Kency

    Yes it is indeed a shame the Republicans so in to keeping there pockets fat that they really do not care a thing about the peoples that are less with nothing,they do not care about the elderly and by it self is a total y a shame so they think that they are going to live forever well you not and is there any Jesus in them they need to use it, for what I see of them just do not care the money that they have it will never be spent by them are their families the sad thing is the ones votes for them are suffer also they better big and hard for the next election!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Vidmagmedia

    I heard the other day that there will be a 3.9% increase for next year.

  • Carol

    Greed is the problem in this country i think part of the blame should go to wall street and for all the one’s in Washington they don’t want to tax the rich cause it will mean they will get clipped big time for taxes but they should have to eat baked beans and hot dogs or what ever the cheapest meal is how would they like not having money from their check to even buy food and if you try for food stamps they tell you that you get to much money but people can come in this country and get 100’s of dollars in food stamps all the medical care free while we have to suffer wonder how the one’s in Washington would like not be able to go to the doctor because they don’t have the money for when the bill comes in i thank got every morning that my feet hit the floor and i can still breath you see i’m living with COPD and can’t afford the inhalers to help me i live in chronic pain every day it makes you want to cry knowing how we can be treated like this and they don’t give a damn about it there is not enough places that are subsidized by hud or that is based on your income the have a list a mile long so what are you suppose to do keep the roof over your head and the other things on and just wonder what will happen next.

  • Lil_sweethart87

    Carol dear sweet Carol,
    you are so ignoranet so im going to attempt to widden you scoop just alittle. Im a single mom who only made 11,000 total last year my son is on medicade and I go to school,But my goal in life is to graduate and provide for my son the best that I can. So those millinaires you hate so much I really don’t have a problem with them since most likely i will be getting my job through them. As for people feeling that the gov. Owes them, they don’t!!!! you need assitance go ahead use for a period of time but in the mean time get off your buttom and work do anything (omg i use to walk around with a buket and wash cars) Sorry I derailed, but if you tax those “millinares” don’t you think it will be harder for them to turn a profit then more firing then hiring will go on???? oh and those “millinaires” already pay almost 1/2 of the nations taxes, how much did you pay??? But im not trying to pick on you I don’t want to pick on you I feel trirbble that your sick and I hope and prey you’ll feel better I sinclerly do. just get mad when people say greed is our problem when I see it as an entitlement and a lack of education is our problem.

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  • Heidiho52

    Will VA disability paym?nts increase along with Social Security?

  • sister love

                                                                                                    1st john 1-9

  • Sandradunigan

    barocka obama i am glad all social security reciptlions are getting a raise in 2012 but it want do any good for seniors disabled on medicare that cant get a medicade card and half to pay for there medicare plus out of pocket for a copayment plus medications that is just not fair to these seniors citzens who have worked hard all of there life while most of these younger generation worked verly little are never worked a day in there life and get full benifets plus all of there medications they need  costing them nothing you and your senited house need to stop the copayment on medicare and make medicare full benifit with all of the medications seniors disabled need ssi reciplions can get full benifit why not the hard working seniors disabled seniors have worked to long and to hard for there money the house need to stop taking money from social security for the medicade and walfare food stamps wick program find another way to fund the medicade program not from social security the end

  • Badog1

    can u eat that bible

  • Tracieward42

    Ya, Great, but how much are they going to take out of that raise for medicare!!

  • Tracieward42

    Greed my Butt, My parents can barely make ends meet, they’ve worked all their lives, and they deserve that money!!

  • Cindy5913

    The government takes all of the increase for medicare so my parents don;t see the increase at all.

  • Cindy5913

    The republicans really!!!! how about the democrats for it was them that got us in this big mess in the first place. The republicans are trying to balnce a budget the democrats refuse to pass in the first place.

  • Sunflower_2373

    That was very rude to say, in that case you are not a believer in GOD< he is the reason why we are all here today, so eat your words

  • Vintage50s_32

    The increase is Social Security will make most seniors ineligible for the $16.00 in food stamps they receive also the help they receive with their telephone/electric bills.
    So AT& T will get our raise.  They calculated the amount just right.

  • TomaszStasiuk

    Hmm. That’s an interesting perspective.

  • Suthrn_yanky

    lil_sweethart87 dear sweet lil_sweethart87,
    YOU are so ignorant of alot of things. let me help you. I’m glad that you are in school and trying to better yourself. the first thing you should work on is spelling. ignorant, not ignoranet. widen, not widden. medicaid, not medicade. millionaires, not millinaires. terrible, not trirbble. you’re, not your. pray, not prey.
    i believe that Carol is not one expecting entitlement. she has probably worked her whole life and is tired of others abusing the system while she lives within the laws and is doing without. she has probably paid her taxes and is now retired. i hope that you are not going into any field where compassion is needed because you are clearly lacking.

  • Suthrn_yanky

    if you feel that this country sucks so bad, you are free to leave anytime

  • Bob

    SSI is not an entitlement it is funded by the working people. The government just steals from it to fund their projects. The govt owes SSI trillions. 

  • Charlie

    I get about a $23 increase on my check next year, I live in a HUD building, they take back $18 of that $23, for rent increase. So that leaves me with $6 extra dollars to spend for the month. It isn’t fair, that these corrupt politicians give themselves big raises and bonuses.

  • Charlie

    how do you know that for a fact? and you can’t say that someone doesn’t believe in GOD, just because they made a silly comment. if he is the reason why we’re here, then he’s to blame for all the suffering.

  • Charlie

    you’re very stupid to think that.

  • Rmaigue

    SS was never designed to support you in retirement.  It was designed to assist you in retirement.  You were supposed to save and invest your savings to build a retirement account not depend on everyone else to support you.

  • Godzilla52670

    save?….seriously the way the economy is set up is to keep poor people poor and rich people rich. I have worked in the private sector so spare me the sanctimonious platitudes.

  • Godzilla52670

    hmmm…lets see you spout some xtian jargon when the bill collector comes by and asks to be paid. 

  • Wmv4875

    my social security payment went down this year instead of 3.6% increase ?

  • TomaszStasiuk

    And you contacted your local Social Security office and they said….

  • Anonymous

    The past decade wiped a lot of people out. Between hidden inflation
    (fuel and food), a farcical Core Inflation and stocks getting hammered
    and only those with top notch FA or an FA who is also your friend made
    any decent money – The USA is basically doomed. Big inflation is going
    to come, prices are going to rise even more. Its out of control. I buy
    about 25% less food than I used to because I’m trying to maintain the
    quality. Retired on a fixed income? Inflation is your worst enemy.

  • Aussies are Awesome

    When I asked about benefits for my then minor daughter I was told that I get the maximum payment and therefore there was not enough for her to get it. What do I do? I truly feel as if I was cheated.

  • TomaszStasiuk

    Well… maybe, maybe not. Auxiliary benefits for minor children are available for SSDI cases, and there is a family maximum which limits the maximum SSA pays:

    SSA should explain if the family maximum is the reason your daughter is not eligible (or if it is somethings else). For an independent appraisal, you can also try Social Security Advice Online. They are a national company made up of former Social Security managers. Note: this is a private company not affiliated with the Social Security Administration. You can reach them at and (513) 860-5924 , (513) 779-7439. 



  • TomaszStasiuk

    While it is possible to work and still qualify for Social Security (work below SGA, non-competitieve employment, subsidies, etc), I am not sure what your basis would be for also receiving unemployment at the same time?

    On another post you ask, “I AM ON SS IF I SHOULD GET LAID OFF CAN I COLLECT UNEMPLOYMENT?” which clarifies the question. If an individual’s work does not preclude them from receiving Social Security disability benefits, then I could see an argument that the replacement of the those earnings by unemployment should not preclude disability either. It is just a substitution of one source (salary) for a another (unemployment).

    However, I cannot say that this is how Social Security would respond. I do not guess what SSA will do. Social Security may be able to give you an answer, but I cannot. SSA knows you are working though, don’t they?


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