When does Social Security review cases for premature babies?


Social Security may approve Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits to children with a low birth weight (regardless or whether the child is premature).

According to the Social Security regulations, these cases are often reviewed by the child’s first birthday.

When we will conduct a continuing disability review. … we will start a continuing disability review …

By your first birthday, if you are a child whose low birth weight was a contributing factor material to our determination that you were disabled; i.e., whether we would have found you disabled if we had not considered your low birth weight. However, we will conduct your continuing disability review later if at the time of our initial determination that you were disabled.

That last sentence from 20 CFR 416.990 is a bit unclear. While not legally binding on Social Security, the publication Benefits For Children With Disabilities provides a better explanation.

By age 1 for babies who are getting SSI payments because of their low birth weight, unless we determine their medical condition is not expected to improve by their first birthday and we schedule the review for a later date.

In other words, unless Social does not expect improvement, a low birth weight baby approved for Social Security SSI benefits will usually have his or her case reviewed by age 1.

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