Getting Social Security Disability and SSI benefits at same time

Benefits of getting both Social Security disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSDI and SSI)I recently wrote about receiving both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI or DIB) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Let’s look at the advantages of being on both benefits programs.

SSDI and SSI provide different medical benefits:

  • Supplemental Security Income provides Medicaid benefits which can pay for treatment, specialists and surgeries.
  • Social Security disability insurance provides Medicare benefits, including Medicare Part D, which pays for prescription drugs.

If you get both SSDI and SSI, you may be able to get both Medicare and Medicaid.

Getting both SSDI and SSI is also helpful in mitigating the 5 month waiting period in SSDI cases. While you may not be able to get your Disability Insurance during the first 5 months, you may still be able to get SSI benefits during that time.

Keep in mind that this requires the alleged onset date to be the same as the protected filing date because of the limits on back benefits in SSI cases.

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  • gpruzan

    If your monthly SSDI amount is low enough, and you're otherwise financially eligible, you may also be eligible for medicaid. This is especially helpful when the 24 month waiting period for medicare eligibility hasn't passed yet.

  • Annesah Nasheed

    I need help. I was approved for disability. Social security owe me from 2005 to now, which is over 27,000.00 they are now saying that they overpaid me in SSI by this same amount and is not going to pay me. Can they do this? I want my money and if this is illegal, what do I do besides appeal it. Should I try to find legal representation. Anyone who can help me please email me at – Thanks Ann