Social Security Administrative waiver for overpayments up to $1000

There’s good news if Social Security has told you that you were overpaid, and you need to repay, Social Security benefits! Social Security has increased the “administrative waiver” amount to $1000. 

Administrative waivers of overpayments apply in cases where the cost of recovering the overpayment is greater than the amount of the overpayment itself.

If Social Security claims you are overpaid is $1000 or less, you may be able to have the amount waived because it would cost Social Security more than $1000 to recover the amount.

However, to qualify for an administrative waiver, you also need to show that you were not “at fault” for the overpayment.  

The new amount applies to all cases were a waiver request is pending — even if the waiver request was filed before September 27, 2008. 

This is the first change to the administrative waiver amount since 1993.  Before the new waiver amount became effective on September 27, 2008, the administrative waiver amount was $500.

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  • Terry Peterson

    POMS link:

    To make these, we usually use a Statement of Claimant form:

  • Terry Peterson

    POMS link:

    To make these, we usually use a Statement of Claimant form:

  • Charcogne

    Could I be approved for social security disability if I owe large overpayments of money from the last disability I had 10 years ago? The new claim is from the current job and is a completely different disability case from the old one. I have completed the 9 months work trial from the first disability claim. In the overpayment letter, it says that due to the large amounts of money I owe, my case (old case) is terminated. I was told that I am required to apply for social security disability by the metlife from my work place insurance company, and I was contacted by one of the lawyers. I haven’t yet told them about my case, because I just recently received the letter. Do you think there’s anyway my case could be approved?

  • TomaszStasiuk

    Even when I work with my clients for more than a year, I cannot predict exactly what is going to happen in their case.

    I do not offer legal advice through this blog and I cannot predict what is going to happen on reader’s cases.

  • H. Zayre

    Sure, even a snowball in hell has a “chance”……that’s about it.