Brain Control Interface – 60 Minutes Video

Watch this 60 Minutes story on Scott Mackler, a man with almost total paralysis, who can communicate with a computer with just his thoughts using a BCI (Brain Control Interface). 

Scott Mackler was a husband, father and successful neuroscientist when he received perhaps the worst news imaginable. At the age of 40, he could run a marathon in three and a half hours, but it was about that time he discovered he had ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Today, Scott Mackler’s mind is as sharp as ever, but his body has failed. Doctors call it “locked in” syndrome. Scott and his wife Lynn learned to communicate with about the only thing he has left, eye movement.To signal “yes,” Lynn says Scott looks at her; to signal “no,” he looks away.

But recently Scott found a new voice. “Can everyone hear the PC?”

You have to see it!

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  • Getting Rid of Pigeons

    Yeah the video is about science stories. Brain power is the thing.

  • Getting Rid of Pigeons

    Yeah the video is about science stories. Brain power is the thing.

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  • Dacey Mathers

    I was wondering if i could see this video since it looks so interesting that a paralyzed man is communicating with a computer system with brain control interface

  • TomaszStasiuk

    Thanks for the heads up. I have updated the post with a link that works (at this time at least).


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