Cost of Medical Records Increases More Than 36 Percent!

The State of Colorado has allowed medical records copiers to increase the prices they charge to provide your medical records.

Medical records are one of the foundations of a Social Security case. The main way you establish the existence and severity of a medical condition is through medical records. ALL attorneys whose practice revolves around medical records are going to have to swallow this price increase. It also means that your costs as a client are going up.

Do not blame your attorney. The money is not going into your lawyer’s pocket; it is going to the medical copiers.

The maximum medical record providers are allowed to charge in Colorado is set by 6 C.C.R 1011-1, Chapter 2, Part In 2007, the maximum price was “not to exceed $14.00 for the first ten or fewer pages, $.50 per page for pages 11-40, and $.33 per page for every additional page.”

In 2008, that has jumped to “$16.50 for the first ten or fewer pages, $.75 per page for pages 11-40, and $.50 per page for every additional page.”

What’s the big deal, it’s just pennies? Right?

Wrong. It is a big windfall for medical copiers.

Lets says you get 50 pages of records from one doctor. In 2007, you would pay $32.30 plus postage.

($14.00 for the 1st 10 pages, $15.00 for pages 11-40, and $3.30 for pages 41-50)

In 2008, you pay $44.00. More than a 36% price increase!

($16.50 for the 1st 10 pages, $22.50 for pages 11-40, and $5.00 for pages 41-50)

If you get 100 pages of medical records, in 2007, you would have paid $48.80. In 2008, you pay $69.00. More than a 41% price increase!

If you get 200 pages of records, in 2007, it would have been $81.80. In 2008, it is $119.00. More than a 45% price increase!

And it does not stop there; the more records the copier provides, the greater the increase in their prices!

Now, consider how many doctors you have seen for your disability. These prices apply to all of them! Now, doctors could charge less. But, the reason these price “restrictions” were put in place was that doctors’ offices and medical copiers wanted to charge even more.

I realize some, mostly older, records may be in damaged paper files, they have to be separated, un-stapled, copied and then reassembled. Let’s also say that it takes an hour to process 50 pages. Cost to you: $44.00. $44.00 for one hours work!

As my grandpa used to say, “Good work if you can get it.”

Many offices and hospitals are now using digital records systems. What do you think the hourly price is when the records can be pulled up on a computer and then sent to high-speed printer?

What can you do about it? Call your Colorado representative! Tell him or her that the medical records copiers are charging too much and it affects your ability pursue a Social Security claim!

If you do not know what district you are in, click here first. Or give them ALL a call! Do not avoid calling because you are a Democrat and the representative is a Republican (or visa-versa). You pay their salary either way! They work for YOU!

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