Social Security disability decision

Social Security disability with post hearing medical exams

I was recently asked how long it takes to get a Social Security decision when the judge sends you to a post hearing medical examination (also known as a consultative examination). In cases where there is no post-hearing consultative examination, I normally … Continue reading

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Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder

This is the best video I have ever seen on Social Anxiety Disorder. If you have friends or family members who have trouble understanding what is feels like to be under the spotlight, and unable to be around people, ask … Continue reading

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Winning Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are applying for Social Security disability benefits, it is because you have run out of other options. You may have tried doing lighter work, or changing careers, or even tried going back to school. However, you find that … Continue reading

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Can you get both Social Security disability and retirement benefits?

Can you add Social Security disability benefits to your Social Security retirement benefits? What about if you are already disabled and are approaching retirement age. Will you still receive Social Security disability benefits? Unfortunately, the answer from Social Security is, no. Once you reach … Continue reading

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Social Security disabled adult child benefits

Many aging parents take care of their disabled children well into adulthood. These children often have little or no earnings which means they may not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (Title 2 benefits) on their own earnings. When they … Continue reading

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social security disability renal failure

Social Security disability for kidney disease

Kidney disease & renal failure often qualifies individuals for Social Security disability benefits. The fatigue, dialysis, and memory issues can make any kind of work nearly impossible! One of the fastest ways to be approved for Social Security disability benefits for … Continue reading

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Social Security disability hearing wait times

How long you have to wait to get your Social Security disability hearing is one of the most common questions I receive in my Colorado disability law office. Each disability representative has his or her own experience with the wait times. … Continue reading

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DT8 Social Security disability stages and appeals explained

This week, Disability Tips looks at the stages and appeals in Social Security disability cases: application, reconsideration, hearing, appeals council and beyond! We also discuss: How long do Social Security cases take at each stage. What are your chances of winning Social Security … Continue reading

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DT7 Social Security disability-Am I disabled if…

I’m getting ready for the NADR national Social Security disability representative conference where I will be co-presenting a Social Security disability basics course. I have also been working on updating the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page and moving it over from the … Continue reading

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DT6 How Social Security law firms REALLY work

Ever feel ignored by your Social Security disability lawyer? Or, can’t remember the first thing about your case? What happens after you hire a Social Security disability lawyer or law firm? Is your representative really working on your case? Has your … Continue reading

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DT5 Are Social Security disability taxable? Which states tax? Disability and the EITC

This week’s Disability Tips addresses the taxability of Social Security disability benefits, both for federal and state taxes. Listen in for a list of states which may impose an income tax on your Social Security disability benefits. Also, find out … Continue reading

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DT4 Fired by your Social Security disability lawyer?

This week’s episode of Disability Tips covers what to do if you are fired by your disability lawyer. There are a number of Social Security disability lawyers and law firms out there that are happy to take a case. However, when … Continue reading

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DT3 Mistakes and pitfalls in Social Security disability cases

Today’s Disability Tips reviews the mistakes and pitfalls that can occur when you handle your own Social Security disability case. Links: “Apply Right: How to Apply for Social Security Disability Online the Right Way the First Time!”  : Social Security approval … Continue reading

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DT2 How to request medical records on your Social Security disability case.

Whether you are trying to get Social Security disability benefits without a lawyer or working with an attorney, you may have to get your own medical records. Episode 2 of Disability Tips walks you through how to get your records … Continue reading

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Disability Tips Podcast

DT1 Overlooked Social Security disability evidence

While medical records are the main source of Social Security disability evidence, lots of people stop there. The sad truth is medical records often are not enough to win disability benefits. And, if you have no health insurance, you may … Continue reading

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